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Product Line of Wing Sanitary Napkin

wing sanitary napkin machines
sanitary napkin plant
Equipment Name Type No. of Production lines Capacity
Day-use/Night-use Flank Guard Sanitary Napkin YX-HY-180B 13 Billion sheet /year

Product Specification:

  1. Sanitary napkin: 200mm,230mm,240mm.270mm and 280mm.
  2. Safe guard pad: 155mm.
  3. Product structure: standard type, thin type, extra thin type and middle salience type.
  4. Appearance: solid guard, 3 sheets.
  5. Packing: triple folding, separate small packing wrapped inside the easy bond film.

Technical Features of the Equipment:

  1. The Main Unit is made up of original produced frequency converter of Misubishi, electric component of Simens, series high-tech electric accessory of famous company.
  2. The production line is equipped with 4 sets of superior sizing machine of Nuoxin.
  3. The processes of production keep stable, advanced and accurate. Through electric differential, the phase of the equipment can be adjusted under running condition. Siemens automatic edge controller is adopted for material edge controlling. The equipment is completed with imported automatic compensation system for sizing.

Product Line of Baby Diaper

baby diaper machine
baby diaper factory
Equipment Model Manufacturer Stable Production Speed Capacity
Baby Diaper PUTURA Extreme DIATEC ITALY 350 sheet/min 144 Million sheet/a

Product Specifications:

S/N Type Size Dimension(mm) Remarks
1. Type R S 380×320 (+5) Standard type, thin type and extra-thin type diapers are available classified mainly by the absorption core bodies. Standard type (thick type): The absorption core body consists of bleeding ply and the two-dimensionally molded mixture of bulky pulp and super absorbent polymer (SAP) material. The mixture is entirely enclosed with the napkin. The weight of the absorption core body (the weight of bulky pulp and SAP, of which the weight of SAP accounts for 30~40% of the total): S-size: 16g/sheet, M-size: 23g/sheet, L-size: 26/sheet and XL-size: 29g/sheet.Thin type: the absorption core body consists of bleeding ply + SAP containing air laid paper + the mixture of bulky pulp and SAP. The core body is entirely enclosed with the napkin. Extra-thin type: the absorption core body consists of bleeding ply + air laid paper with low SPA content + air laid paper with high SPA content. In addition to the above-mentioned products, special diapers can also be produced with different materials, different weight and different contents of SAP upon the requirement of the clients.
M 440×320 (+5)
L 490×320 (+5)
2. Type T S 380×330 (+5)
M 440×350 (+5)
L 490×350 (+5)
XL 530×390 (+5)
3. Type I S 380×210 (+5)
M 440×210 (+4)
L 490×210 (+5)
XL 530×220 (+5)

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