Adult Diapers

AD2-type adult diaper

No.: AD2-type
Size: M/L
Quantity: 10pcs/pack
Standard: 6.2g/pcs
adult incontinence products
ITEM No. AD-M02 AD-L02
Size M L
850×650mm 920×780mm
Packing 10pcs/pack 10pcs/pack
* Draw in and condense all moisture instantly and sufficiently,preventing from flowing and leakage.
* Fine ventilative property keeps the skin dry and comfortable.
* Panel lets unique adhesive tape refastened as many times as necessary.
* Elastic in the waist.
* Wetness indicator complies with customers' needs.

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History of adult incontinence products
Adult incontinence products are a relatively recent invention. In fact, until the early 1970s mothers had no real alternative to classic cloth diapers. Adult diaper pants have the advantage of being soft, comfortable, and made of natural materials. The disadvantages of old cloth diapers are their relatively poor absorbency and the fact that they have to be laundered. Disposable underwear was developed to overcome these problems. The materials of earliest diapers did not absorb very much moisture for their weight. Consequently, diapers made from these materials were extremely bulky. Nowadays, adult incontinence products were developed to address this issue.

Adult diaper pants can lead and disperse urine forward and backward to permeate and absorb. It is in body contoured design for a comfortable snug fit.

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