Quality Control

Quality Control System

Quality policy: through science technical renovation, well meet our customers demands by offering excellent product, satisfied service and continuing improvement of quality standard.

  • 1、It has passed the certification of ISO 9001: 2000 Quality.
    2、Strict internal quality control.
Quality View Quality is first, it is our lifeline of our company.
Closed QualityControl system Supplier selection Door testing Quality control in production quality control for Ex-works the feedback messages of quality continuing improvement.
Raw Material Purchase Carefully selecting the supplier, most of our suppliers are world big famous company. We have signed contracts with our partners about technical and quality.
Door Testing for Raw Material Quality standard has been worked out for each of the raw materials. The raw materials have been tested according to quality standard before they can be delivered into plant.
Quality Control during production 1. The environment of working: enclosed and sterilized environment.
2. Control the quality of products flow to market by a quality inspector.
Quality Control for Ex-works Products Effective measures are taken to protect the products under warehousing.
Feedback messages on Quality Through the feedback messages on quality, to know the demand and satisfy.
Continuing Improvement Based on the analysis on the feedback, improving the production, making sustainable quality improvement to meet the needs of the clients.

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