Baby Diaper

T-type baby diaper T-type

No.: T-type
Size: S/M/L/XL
Quantity: 15pcs-60pcs/pack
Standard: 3-13kg

T-type baby diaper

china disposable baby diaper
Size (mm) S M L XL
380x280 440x320 490x320 530x330
Application 3-6kg 5-10kg 9-13kg 13kg↑
Packing 15pcs/pack  12pcs/pack  10pcs/pack  8pcs/pack 
40pcs/pack  36pcs/pack  24pcs/pack  20pcs/pack 
60pcs/pack  48pcs/pack  40pcs/pack  32pcs/pack 
baby diapers Features:
* Same design like "PAMPER"
* Super soft breathable backsheet
* Refastenable adhesive tape and colorful frontal tape
* High-cut leg design exposes as much as 20% more skin
to cool, fresh air than full-cut diapers

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Baby disposable diaper is perfect for a fast change which gives the baby a versatile and comfortable fit. As we all know, frequent changes help prevent diaper rash. Before and after all diaper changes wash your hands. Our baby diapers are designed with soft cottony sheet can avoid diaper measles and minimize baby miliaria. Talcum powders can not only resist baby miliaria but also give a comfortable feeling. Disposable baby diaper has a shaped and fitted design with elasticity at the legs and waist. The back sheet of it can be designed with interesting pictures to keep baby happy. In addition, our baby nappies with high absorption ensure your baby having a soft,fluffy and snug feeling. It is a valuable and saving action to use our baby nappies. Our baby care diapers are divided into China baby diaper, baby swim diaper, diaper covers, T-type baby diaper, cotton diapers, baby big diaper, pocket diapers, baby nappies, disposable baby diaper, adult nappy, organic diapers and other sorts.

There are many differences between the two (cloth and disposable), but you should consider carefully which is best for you and your baby.

The type of diaper you use on your baby may not seem like a huge decision but it can be for parents who are conflicted in their goals of cost, environmental concerns and time management. For example, The choice between a disposable and a cloth diaper is one of life’s many choices. But it’s an important one when it comes to the health and comfort of your child. There are many differences between the two, but you should consider carefully which is best for you and your baby. Cloth diapers are very natural. They feel very comfortable when they’re worn and they can be re-used. You simply clean off a diaper, depositing the dirty-ness into your commode, soak your diapers in water, and throw them in the washing machine. Disposable diapers can be quite expensive once you consider you simply throw them out after every use. Plus, cloth diapers now a-days come in very easy-to-use velcro varieties. You no longer have to fumble around with safety pins, while you try to fasten them to your baby. Cloth diapers also can be used long after your child needs to wear diapers. They can be used for dust rags, for instance.

However, cloth diapers require you to have more hands on cleaning. You have to rinse them out before you wash them. They also leak more than disposable diapers. Disposable diapers are designed for a tight fit and can keep your baby from losing her load. You also need to keep in mind that when you’re traveling, cloth diapers aren’t very user friendly. After all, you need to keep the dirty diaper right with you.

Disposable diapers on the other hand are very easy to use. You simply flop them on your baby. And when they become dirty, you take them off and throw them away. These kinds of diapers are great when your baby is sick and has diarrhea, because they don’t leak. They’re designed specially to avoid leaks.