Baby Diaper

R-type Baby Diaper(with stretch waist)

No.: R-type
Size: S/M/L/XL
Quantity: 15pcs-60pcs/pack
Standard: 15pcs-60pcs/pack

R-type Baby Diaper(with stretch waist)

R-type Baby Diaper(with stretch waist)
Size (mm) S M L XL
380x280 440x320 490x320 530x330
Application 3-6kg 5-10kg 9-13kg 13kg↑
Packing 15pcs/pack  12pcs/pack  10pcs/pack  8pcs/pack 
40pcs/pack  36pcs/pack  24pcs/pack  20pcs/pack 
60pcs/pack  48pcs/pack  40pcs/pack  32pcs/pack 
* "R" Shaped pads
* Multi-breathable embossing backsheet
* Magic tape and colorful frontal band
* Stretch waist
* Solid gather and three rows elastic stand leg cuffs

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Baby napppy has classic cottony non-woven film and natural breathable sheet to make baby be well. It also has elastic waistband which is gently fit against baby's waist. Baby nappy has super absorbent core and specially designed transfer layer which can extend the water equably and provide your baby with happiness and freeness. We have various frontal techniques on disposable baby diaper. One kind of it is R shaped pad which has elastic leakage control shield. Our paper diaper has optional wetness indicator, which is convenient to remind mothers to replace baby napkin in time. By the way, never leave your baby unattended on a changing table. Instead, use cornstarch powder and apply it carefully when you change the diaper or nappy.

Our nappy diaper products have all the features you look for in a premium disposable nappy, but the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. Those nature disposable nappies contain no PVC, perfumes, lotions or optical whiteners, reducing the likelihood of your baby having an allergic reaction or rashes.

Nappy rash is a common problem that all babies have at some point in their early life. The baby's buttocks become red and sore. One reason that might cause nappy rash is the damp of baby skin. If urine is left too long in a diaper or on the skin, it is broken down to ammonia by bacteria from your baby's stools. The ammonia then irritates and burns the skin, and this is another most common cause of diaper or nappy rash. A mild nappy rash will appear as small red dots on your baby's bottom, but if it becomes more serious, you will see an inflamed area of broken skin and possibly pusfilled spots. The bacteria that produce ammonia dermatitis (diaper rash) thrive in an alkaline medium. Breastfed babies are less prone to diaper rash than bottlefed babies. If you follow the guidelines given (below), you will minimize the possibility of nappy rash. Not all skin conditions occurring in the diaper area are true diaper rash. It is important to identify a rash correctly so that you can take appropriate action.

To prevent nappy rash, you need to follow these measures: when you change his nappy, dry his bottom with a soft cotton washcloth. You should also allow your baby to stay without a nappy for a few hours everyday; Change your baby's diaper more often; Use a disposable pad inside a cloth diaper for extra absorbency at night, especially if your baby sleeps through the night; Once your baby has nappy rash, it is important that his skin be aired between diaper changes for at least 15-20 minutes.

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