Parturient Napkins

Postpartum sanitary napkin manufacturers

No.: SN101
Size: 155-420MM
Quantity: 10pcs/Pack
Standard: 5.6 - 9.5/g
OEM factory of postpartum special sanitary napkin processing factory

(1) The First Layer: Acquisition distribution layer,control liquid,keep liquid away from skin and keep your skin dry,comfortable.
(2) The Second Layer: Prevent leakage, allow women to move freely.
(3) The Third Layer: Directly touch skin. Non-woven fabric provides soft and dry feeling.
(4) The Fourth Layer: 360-degree wrapped and more safety.
(5) The Fifth Layer: High water absorption and keep dry.
(6) The Sixth Layer: Air-clean cover on the back securing good ventilation and giving refreshing feel.
(7) The Seventh Layer: Back adhesive restrain with female ergonomics.

Product Name 
Disposable Mother Care Maternity Sanitary Pads
Key Words
disposable maternity pads , maternity sanitary pads , mother care sanitary pads
350mm, 425mm
Use Life
3 years