Parturient Napkins

environmental friendly biodegradable maternity sanitary pad good sanitary pads for heavy flow

No.: Other
Size: 60*33cm
Quantity: 10piece/bag
Standard: 1KG
Product Feature:
(1)  High temperature disinfection, can be used directly
(2)  Super absorption. Rapid absorption liquid, Keep the surface layer dry for a long time, making the skin more comfortable
(3)  Super size:60*33cm. Perfect package to prevent side leakage, Rest assured to use, relaxed rest
Note: We provide,weight, absorbency, and packing design.

(1)  First layer: Non-woven fiber, natural soft and breathable.
(2)  Second layer:fluff pulp + super absorbent polymer+ classic tissue.
(3)  Breathable PE film with cloth like back Non woven or casting film.

Item no. Name Material Remarks
1  Surface layer(wings) Hot blast fabric  
 Surface layer Non woven cloth  
2 ADL Without chip  
3 Air laid paper BC type Biodegradable
4 SAP paper 45% Sumitomo Japanese Sumitomo
5 Bottom Layer Breathable PE film New materia
6 Structural glue  Henkel2800U No fluorescent agent
7 Back glue Henkel 6602U No fluorescent agent
8 Release paper White Biodegradable
9 Inner packing Waterproof  fabric New material
10 Easy tape Blue  
11 Water absorption 180ML  
12 Construction Three sheets