YX-FFJ-1092/1575 Cutting And Rewinding Machine 06.10/2020

paper Cutting And Rewinding Machine

Brief Introduction of Equipment:

  1. It is suitable for the cutting and rewinding of material, such as, sanitary paper, dustless paper, non-woven fabric, perforated film and so on.
  2. Operation speed is regulated and controlled by electromagnetic speed-regulate motor.
  3. Operation of whole machine is controlled synchronously, which can raise speed instantly and suit high-speed operation.
  4. Tension degree of rewinding finished-products can be regulated and controlled.
  5. Terminal surface is trim after cutting and rewinding.

Structure & Character:

  1. Unwinding of raw material is equipped with stepless speed-regulator pushing belt to stable unwinding material.
  2. It uses air cylinder to press tension degree of rewinding, which is reliable in controlling and convenient in operation.
  3. Diameter of punched driving roller is large, suiting rewinding of large or small roll diameter.
  4. The designing in function and structure is complete, convenient in operation, and easy in regulation.

Main Technical Parameter:

  1. Production Speed: 80 ~ 120m/min
  2. Minimun width of Slitting: 50mm
  3. Maximum Diameter of Rewinding And Punching: 900mm
  4. Machine Power: 3 Kw (380v 50hz)
  5. Overall Size of Equipment (L × W × Hm): 1575 type 3.5 × 2.4 × 2.1 
    1092 type 3.5 × 1.8 × 2.1
  6. Width of Jumbo Roll: 1092 type 1.2m, 1575 type 1.8m
  7. Weight of Equipment: about 1.6t 
    * lt can be equipped with embossment pattern.