Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

No.: TT01-05
Size: Standard Roll
Quantity: 12rolls/bag
Standard: 90-120g
Toilet paper 
toilet paper roll
        Toilet tissue
        toilet tissue roll
Bathroom Tissue
 Item No.   Weight/roll  Packing Features
TT01 120g 10rolls/bag We have toilet paper roll made from excellent recycled material
or 100% virgin pulp,which is clean, soft, sanitary, and absorbent, 
safe for sewer and septic tanks. It is high temperature resistant.
It is strong in absorbing the water or smear. The product does not
contain any chemicals, fluorescer or poisonous material. 
Absorbent towels with quilted embossing. Virtually lint-free. 
Individually wrapped rolls in a convenient Poly-Case. The products 
are strictly manufactured according to sanitation standards. 
Two-ply and three-ply rolls are mostpopular.
TT02 140g 10rolls/bag 
TT03 120g 10rolls/bag 
TT04 90g 12rolls/bag 
TT05 90g 12rolls/bag 

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Toilet paper installing way

How to install toilet paper roll? There are two common methods of installing toilet paper rolls on a toilet roll holder. The first method of installation has the edge of the roll facing away from the wall and commonly facing the toilet. This method allows the defecator easy access to grab the toilet paper and pull off the desired amount of paper, as the roll spins toward the user. The second method of installation has the edge of the roll facing the wall and commonly facing away from the toilet. This method is a bit more difficult for the defecator to grab the toilet paper, as the roll spins it spins away from the user. An advantage to this method is that a household with toddlers is less likely to have toilet paper spun off the roll. This is because a toddler is most likely to spin the roll toward them. In the case of this installation, as the roll spins toward the toddler, the paper remains wound on the roll.

Toilet paper history

Most of us can't imagine living without rolled toilet paper. Toilet paper affects our daily routine, and yet, it is seldom remembered. It is a vital necessity that is usually taken for granted. It is made from various proportions of bleached kraft pulps with relatively little refining of the stock, rendering them soft, bulky, and absorbent. Before toilet paper was invented, different materials were used which varied amongst different cultures. In Ancient Rome, public toilet facilities provided a sponge attached to a wooden stick that soaked in a bucket of brine (salt) water. Those who lived in the wealthier suburbs of Rome used wool and rosewater. In Coastal Regions, mussel shells and coconut husk were used (mussels shells particularly). Europeans used marvelous fountains, occasionally with the luxury of warm water. In the Middle Ages, the French invented the first bidet for both sexes, unfortunately with the lack of modern plumbing. People from Islamic cultures wiped themselves first with a smooth stone, rinsed with water, and then finished off by drying with a cloth. Pebbles were used to blot the end of a male’s penis after urination. Men would carry re-usable stones and pebbles with small pitchers of water in their turbans during their busy work hours. The Colonial Americans were dependent upon the core center cobs from shelled ears of corn, whereas the Eskimos used handfuls of snow. Finally in 1880, the British invented the first actual toilet paper that was designated for wiping. The toilet paper texture was coarse, and came in a box of individual squares. Although the British preferred the coarse type of paper, the Americans were not satisfied, so in 1907, they invented a softer and fluffier toilet paper. Although soft toilet paper did indeed add a touch of comfort, it remained too luxurious for many of the middle-class Americans, so they continued to drift towards other paper products, such as old discarded mail and newspapers that were hung up by a nail in public restrooms and in the privacy of civilian homes. Soon after, the Sears catalog also became a popular wiping material. In 1930, however the texture of the Sears catalog pages became glossy and smooth, which made a less absorbent wipe. This angered people, and many complaints were sent out to the Sears Company. Today we are spoiled by the choice of different luxurious brands of toilet paper, such as Scott, Quilted Northern, Kleenex, Charmin, etc.

Tips for using toilet paper rolls

There are some tips that we should pay attention when using toilet paper rolls:

  1. First tip: Always begin by folding the toilet paper sheet by sheet. This method would minimize the number of sheets wasted. Crumbling the toilet paper into a bunch would limit its usage to one wipe; you would practically waste the entire roll.
  2. Second Tip: When blowing your nose, start from the first sheet to the next. Not one sheet of toilet paper should be left untouched when you are blowing or wiping your nose.
  3. Third Tip: Avoid using toilet paper as a substitute for cleaning anything other than the human body parts. Why use toilet paper when there are materials that are already designed for that purpose?
  4. Fourth Tip: Always be conscious of the number of toilet paper sheets you use, depending on the load of your task.

Rolled toilet paper and toilet tissue are sanitary papers that need to be clean and healthful. They can be one-or two-ply, meaning that it's either a single sheet or two sheets placed back-to-back to make it builder and more absorbent. The biggest difference between rolled toilet paper is the distinction between virgin paper products, which are formed directly from chipped wood, and those made from recycled paper. They are most wrapped around recycled cardboard cylinders. You won't find a better selection of toilet papers anywhere on the Internet. We've got it! Different size of sheet, ply, sheets per roll and packing means available as per customer's specific requirements. As a good toilet paper supplier and manufacturer, we have many styles including: soft rolled toilet paper, tissue roll, monogrammed toilet paper, recycled toilet paper, fabric toilet paper and toilet tissue to fit any requirements. Just feel free to inquire us now!