Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes

No.: BW10-80
Size: 20×17
Quantity: 10pcs-80pcs/pack
Standard: 1.2g/pcs
baby wet wipes sensitive baby wipes
natural baby wipes Baby Wet Tissue
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 Item No.   Size(cm)  Packing Features
BW10 20×17 10pcs/pack Main Ingredients: Pure water, aloe, sterilized liquid, lanolin, Perfume 
Essence etc. This product use natural wood pulp SPUNLACE 
non-woven fabric, Super thick and silky soft, No alcohol, No spice, 
delicate formula for skin care without any toxic result, and skin care 
Sensitive Baby Wipes: Suitable for newborn skin and even 
gentler than a washcloth and water, plus, hypoallergenic and 
perfume-free, which can give your baby skin full care.
Directions: Proper sterilizing and disinfecting ingredients, 
perfect effects to sterilize all sorts of germs on hand, face, 
skin, dining tableware, fruit etc, it can also be used for 
sterilization and cleaning before or after making love, menses,
removing makeup and cleaning babies.
BW40 20×17 40pcs/pack 
BW50 20×17 50pcs/pack 
BW80 20×17 80pcs/pack 
WW-001 20×17 80pcs/box 
WW-002 20×17 80pcs/box 
WW-003 20×17 80pcs/box 
WW-004 20×17 80pcs/box 

We are manufacturer of baby wet wipessensitive baby wipes, wet napkinwet tissuescleaning wipesskin care wipeswet towelbody wipesnewborn wipesmoist wipe and hand towel for babies and women, which are known for good quality and unique designs. Our baby care products are environmentally responsible without compromising on quality. Soft and comfortable, gentle, no incitation and no side-effect, quick and easy to clean the skin, the ingredients in our baby wipes are natural, not toxic at the concentrations in the wipe, and not bioaccumulating. They are totally free of chlorine, pH balanced and 100% free of fragrance, alcohol and colour with no stimulation to skin at all.

Baby Wet Wipes: made by top-grade soft cotton spinning and cottony non-woven fabrics, thickening and extraordinary soft, mild and effective in cleaning. It contains cream and aloe distillate, makes you feel softer. Natural skin-intimate ingredients keep baby skin moisture. Only 1 or 2 pieces every time, lightly touch and the skin will be cleaned thoroughly. Natural distilled water, no alcohol, no flavor, no fluorescence or other chemical irritant ingredients. Clinical applications shows it suitable for newborn and sensitive skin.

Sensitive Baby Wipes: As it is known, baby communicates through touch, it is why our sensitive wipes with a touch of milk essentials condition your baby's skin every time you use them, they are suitable for newborn skin and even gentler than a washcloth and water, plus, hypoallergenic and perfume-free, which can give your baby skin full care.

A wet napkin is a piece of quadrate cloth or absorbent paper used at the table to protect the clothes or rub out the lips and fingers. It is usually small and folded. Wet napkin is normally made from pure water,natural wood pulp,sterilized liquid,perfume essence and etc. Conventionally it is folded and placed to the left of the place setting, outside the outermost fork. A wet napkin may also be held together in a bundle with cutlery by a napkin ring. In an ambitious restaurant setting or a caterer's hall, it may be folded into more or less elaborate shapes and displayed on the empty plate.

Baby wet wipes products care for your baby's tender skin and leave your baby with a fresh,clean scent. If you want to skillfully wipe up baby's skin with their moderate cleansing sheets, please take it with no hesitation. These skin care wipes are processed with sterilization and antisepsis removing makeup and cleaning babies. They are enrich in moist-keeping factors as aloe and glycerin. Through strict finishing processes, our cleaning wipes, napkins and towel products have shaped and are all in high quality. Daily using this product can eliminate peculiar odor, health care and enhance beauty. You can use wet wipes in wiping and cleaning infant skin and adult hand, face, skin, mucosa and object surface, cleaning skin, and removing make-ups.