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There are lots of different types of panty liners, such as ultrathin panty liner, cotton panty liners, pantie liner,carefree panty liners, disposable panty liner, feminine hygiene, antimicrobial panty liner, thong panty liners, tanga panty liner, sanitary panty liner, nursing pad, dry-weave panty liner and so on.

Pantyliners have cottony-soft cover and are shaped to fit your panties. Their soft non-woven or dry perforated film top sheet like silk touches satiny and refreshing. They will give you the best protection. Besides, plentiful sleep and moderate exercises which can promote the blood circulation are also very beneficial. And, you should keep plentiful sleep. ultra thin panty liner is thinnest for fresh and comfortable protection everyday. It is also a popular product. Our unique design of cotton panty liner will make you feel cool and fresh. In addition, firm towel body of our panty liners will never twist or become deformed. You may set your heart at rest about it. Any kind of panty liners: anti-microbial panty liner, nursing pad, thong panty liner, ultra thin panty liner, disposable panty liner, feminine hygiene, tanga panty liner, cotton panty liner, panties liner, dry-weave panty liner and others offered by us all reach the standard. They are able to kill all existing harmful bacteria on your skin.

Our ultra-thin cotton pantyliners are ideal for daily discharge and very light menstrual flow. They are comfortable and discreet, also popular as backup securation for the ladies. All panty liner styles feature a 2 layer 100% cotton flannel base topped with a central pad made with 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece, ultra dry mesh surface to keep your skin soft, specil layer for guiding the stream to avoid the side leakage, providing you with nature and comfort.

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