Apertured Film

We are a new force in the film world. Our apertured film, sanitary napkin film, apertured cover, perforated film, back sheet film, diaper film(nappy film), polymeric film, formed film, thermoplastic film, coextruded film are new innovative products made in China.

Great Inventions are conceived on the apertured film. It is a high-grade film by adopting unique aperture design with a proper proportion of big and small apertures. Apertured film touches smooth,tender and comfortable like silk. It can effectively evacuate dampness to ensure complete relaxation. With unique strikethrough process technology, we can ensure quality product giving a feeling of being dry,fresh and cool as well as a quick strikethrough. Our apertured cover looks nice and especially meets Chinese women's traditional aesthetic standards. They are often included as part of a standard sealed package. Did you love at the first sight of our apertured film, perforated film, thermoplastic film, back sheet film, nappy film, polymeric film, sanitary napkin film, apertured cover, formed film, coextruded film or others? If so, never hesitate to choose one.

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