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Drawable Face tissues facial tissues
        Face tissues soft facial tissue
 Item No.   Size(cm)  Packing Features
FT-001 18×20 180pcs/pack  Features:Our facial tissue is made from excellent material,which
is clean, soft, and sanitary. It is designed for the healthcare and
dental industries. Small, low-cost box allows for frequent disposal,
Large opening for easy dispensing. Made from a minimum of 75%
total recycled content. Decorative boxes in a variety of colors add
flair to any room. It is high temperature resistant.It is strong in
absorbing the water or smear. Tough fibers keep tissue from
disintegrating, even when wet. The product does not contain any
chemicals, fluorescer or poisonous material.The products are
strictly manufactured according to sanitation standards.
FT-002 18×20 180pcs/pack 
FT-003 15×20 200pcs/pack 
FT-004 18×20 180pcs/pack 

Facial tissue refers to a class of soft, absorbent, disposable paper that is suitable for use on the face. We are offering a wide selection of commercial and residential tissues: face tissues, facial tissues, hand wipe, drawable face tissue, mini face tissue, pocket tissue, handkerchief tissues, china face tissue, tissue paper, Box-drawing Tissue and so on which you won't find anywhere else!

Face tissues are closed to our life. They are made from virgin pulp or recycled pulp with or without roll core. Facial tissues made of 100% raw wood pulp is available in different styles, such as two-folded or three-folded. They are soft,clean,recycled quality and natural white. Processed through special pulp beating techniques and high temperatures, they are soft, tenacious with high sorption and super whiteness. On the other hand, hand wipe contains moisture and gentle fragrance, such as: green tea,aloe,peach,apple,rose, jasmine,orchid, lemon, corn mint, herb, orange and so on. You can choose any scent you like. They are generally moistened with scented water. Yuxiang makes excellent facial tissues that are easy on your nose for those days when you have a cold--or an allergy to something--and need to use lots of tissues. Our face tissues, mini face tissue, pocket tissue, tissue paper, handkerchief tissues, facial tissues, drawable face tissue, china face tissue, Box-drawing Tissue and hand wipe are all superior products with the help of computer design. If you want to remove stage makeup or costume thoroughly, they are your most need.

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