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YX-HY-180A Release Film Packaging Winged Woman Sanitary Napkin Production Line

sanitary napkin making machine

Function & Assemble Parts:

  1. It is the special equipment to produce ultra-thin or silk thin sanitary napkin with delicate and beautiful small package.
  2. Character of small package: Sanitary napkin is directly stuck on outer package film and folded into square type, which is sealed with adhesive tape. (Product is without release paper in the center.)
  3. It can produce economical type or stereo-protection type sanitary napkin with air-laid paper as absortbent material According to the request, it also can be added to produce ultra-thin cotton core sanitary napkin.
  4. Material for stereo-protection and three-piece style is molding on machine with also hitting dot on short cut guide-flow cloth. U stereo type can be adjusted.

Structure & Character:

  1. Driving system consists of gearwheel box, universal shaft couplings and an arc-gear synchronous belt with perfect driving accuracy and high mechanical efficiency.
  2. Driving components are installed on the backboard of equipment to prevent production against shake and facilitates adjustment and maintenance.
  3. Conveyance of material during production uses vacuum absorption to guarantee the stability of material tension during operation.
  4. Turnover, wings folding and three folding of products are advanced in designing. Small package is trim in forming and vertically arranged and output in tine.
  5. Material stuffer is in manual expanding with accurate material stuffing and correct positioning.
  6. Molding and positioning procedure of products are all equipped with electric differential device to conduct relative adjustment without stopping machine.
  7. Equipment is combined by sections, welded by square steel tube with stable function, and convenient transportation.

Main Technical Parameter:

  1. Designed production speed: 350PCS/min
  2. Production speed: 250N~300PCS/min
  3. Machine power: 60Kw (380V, 50Hz) (Inclu[Je glue applicators.)
  4. Overall size of equipment (L × W × H m): 13.5 × 1.8 ×2.3
  5. Weight of equipment: about 16t

According TO The Request of Customers:

  1. It can be equipped with computer to materialize automatic self-controll.Production speed is 300~400pcs/min.
  2. It can produce ultra-thin sanitary napkin with center protrusion.
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