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YX-4200& YX-320II wet tissue machine

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YX4200 wet tissue machine

Power supply:  380V 50HZ
Power: 13KW
Suitable materials:  Spunlace nonwoven fabric
Quality of material:  40g/m2~80g/m2
Product size(unfolded):  (150~250mm)*(180~220mm)(L*W)
Product size(folded):  (150~250mm)*(80~110mm)(L*W)
Production speed:  1800-2500pcs/min(30~50packs/min)
Cutting unit:  a. 10 lanes /12 lanes , 2 rows  b. double paper shelf  
  c. raw material reel width:  1000mm-1320mm
Folding way: Pop up or Non pop up  
Counting way:  auto-counting, quantity changeable pile system
Humidification agitating system:  double agitating drums with agitator
Control system:  PLC control system,PC color touching screen
Machine size(mm):  10150*3150*2000(L*W*H)
Water tank size(mm):  2000*1100*1900    250KG
Net weight of machine(kg): 9000


YX-320II full automatic pillow packing machine
Power supply:    380V, 50HZ
Power: 6KW
Packing form:  pillow type
Production speed:  30-50package/min
Product size(mm):  (180-320)*(80-120)*(30-70) (L*W*H)
  Adjustable bag producing machine, with insertting corner device
Electric eye tracks automatically, date printing device,
punching device, labelling device
raw material conveying belt accepts continuously feeding,
connecting with DCW-4200,DCW2700L,DCW2500Z wet tissue 
machine to realise  auto-feeding tissue.
Control system:  PLC control system, color touching screen
Net weight of machine :  approx. 1200KG
Machine size(mm):  5280*1000*2100mm (L*W*H)


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