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Basic Knowledge For Changing Baby Diaper

It seems that changing diapers for baby is an endless job. It takes time on changing diapers for baby as well as feeding him up. Although sometimes it seems that it is endless. However, if you have some basic knowledge of changing diapers, you will help baby to be cleaned and comfortable, and nothing will happen.

What we should do when change baby diaper?

Obviously, changing diapers is the basic common sense. Try to keep baby clean and comfortable is a goal that you want to reach. Before start, you should prepare everything needed: 1. A clean diaper; 2. Ointment for diaper rash or Vaseline; 3. Soft flannel and some warm water or wet towels.

Remember — Never leave baby alone. Even the newborn will fall down from the table and get itself hurt.

Take the dirty diaper off first. If only wet, just put on a new one, or wipe the baby gently with baby wipes or soft flannel and then put a new diaper on.

If baby has stool, wipe his buttocks gently with baby wet wipes or soft flannel and pat lightly until dry. Do not use soap for baby unless stool cannot be wash away by water after the diarrhea. If necessary, only use mild soap to baby. Any soap will remove the important natural oil on baby skin.

Next step is to smear ointment or Vaseline on baby’s buttocks and then put the new diaper on. No need to use baby powder — It is helpless to prevent or dispose the diaper rash and the baby will be hurt if he sucks the powder in.

With the baby growing up, it will move itself randomly. We can place some toys on the edge of diaper to scatter his attention.

Tips for changing girl baby diaper

Wipe her buttocks from front to back. Don’t let the excrement touch her perineum.

It is normal that baby excrete some blood or excrement on early days after born. Your daughter just adjusts herself to adapt the changes of hormone after born.

Tips for changing boy baby diaper

Wipe his buttocks from front to back.

Experienced mothers suggest that use diaper or flannel to wrap urine when changing diapers — To avoid that it pissing you.

How to avoid diaper rash?

Baby will take risks of suffering from diaper rash when using the diapers — In other words, all babies might suffer from diaper rash. If you found red lump on the skin where baby wearing diaper, it is possibly your baby had suffered one kind of diaper rash.

What cause diaper rash? There are several factors here:

  1. The skin of baby is moist
  2. The intestines enzyme on stool
  3. The ammonia generated by relieving the bowels synchronously
  4. The diapers are too hard, or the ache caused by wiping baby buttocks

Fortunately, we have many methods to prevent diaper rash. And we are familiar with these methods:

  1. Change baby’s diapers frequently
  2. Using the diapers with ultra absorption function
  3. Smearing a little zinc oxide dew or Vaseline on baby’s buttocks as an extra safeguard of preventing moisture. We can buy the diapers which have anti-diaper rash ingredient for baby to use. Lift down the diaper from baby for a while everyday. The air will help to dry the moisture and baby will be happy for free.

How often do we need to change the diaper for baby?

As parents, you know when to change the diaper. Generally speaking, you may change diapers for your baby more than ten times every 24 hours. It seems too much. But you should know that large numbers of diapers indicates that your baby has acquired enough nutrition and his assimilation is normal. And if you choose thick fluff diapers, you may change diapers for your baby more frequently, because fluff diapers have no absorbency.

With baby growing up, we don’t need to change the diapers for it so frequently, though the times of changing diapers are still remained: when it gets up in the morning, before and after the breast feeding, after its nap and before it goes to bed. Remember, keep baby’s diaper dry can prevent the diaper rash.

Emiction training

Babies never obey the timetable of emiction. The bladder muscle of newborn is immature and cannot hold the urine for a long time. They can wet the diapers one time within an hour and four times a day, but this phenomenon is normal. And the elder babies are the same. Generally speaking, you can change diapers for baby six times a day (4-6 pieces of disposable diapers, or 6-8 pieces of thick diapers).

The first several days after born, the color of baby’s urine is light and will become deep yellow gradually with the concentration increased. Also you can find some pinkish blots on the diapers. The concentration of urine is appropriate at the moment. You don’t need to worry if baby wet the diapers more than 4 times a day. However, if the pinkish blots last for several days, or if you can find the blood spots or something else in baby’s urine, you should call pediatricians immediately.

Basic knowledge of stool

Baby’s first stool, named meconium, which came into baby’s intestines before its birth, should be ropy, bottle green or black substance. After evacuating this substance, baby’s assimilation system becomes normal and the stool turns softening, the color also become light.

The consistency and color of baby’s stool indicate its dietetic situation. Baby who is feeding with milk, its stool is soft and washy, like mustard seed. And baby who is feeding with confected food, his stool is a little bit hard and the color is sandy beige or yellow. The consistency and color of the elder babies’ stool consist with the food they ate recently.

However, baby’s stool often changes. Some babies defecate after feeding milk. Other babies, especially the babies who are breast-fed, they defecate only once per week. If baby’s stool is very dry or abundant blood, phlegm or water can be found in his stool, you should contact the pediatricians.

The newborn’s stool often looks washy, it is hard to tell whether he is in diarrhea or not. Because you are familiar with baby defecating status, observe your baby carefully to see whether his stool increased or not, washy or other abnormality exist.

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