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How to use baby diapers in summer

The weather is getting hot and the use of paper diapers is becoming the problem of fresh mothers. Actually, if you know the key of using paper diapers, baby will feel comfortable and cool when wearing the paper diaper.

1. How to choose?

Choosing some paper diapers with small packets first. And choose the most comfortable one for your baby.

Of course, you should consider the absorption and air permeability when choosing paper diapers for baby in hot days. In addition, the size of the paper diapers should match the baby’s age and weight.

2. Observe carefully

Observe baby’s buttocks carefully to find whether if there are rashes or not, especially in baby's thigh root which rashes appear easily. So keep baby buttock dry is very important.

3. Using rules

During summer daytime, you had better not to put the paper diapers on your baby. Note down the time interval which the baby each time urinates, in order to remind your baby and Let him form the urination rule gradually. After putting paper diaper on baby, and even there’s no urine on the paper diaper, also will leave behind the bacterium which baby skin carries. Further more, the diapers are easy to wear out, so that paper diapers should not be used repeatedly.

Summer is coming again, and you are still using diapers for your baby? Do you clearly know that put the paper diaper on baby is equal to put the cotton-wadded trousers on him, but have no alternative? If your baby already can crawl, do you think that it is also inconvenient to use urine pads? And do you feel that it is troublesome to change the panties of urine-separated and uneconomical?

Let me tell you my ideas and have a try!

  1. Choose a used paper diaper with size L and fill it with water (of course you can also choose a new one).
  2. Cut an orifice of 6 to 7 centimeters on the side of the diaper which is close to the buttocks by scissors, and then turn the whole diaper outside in, swill out the wadding-like pulp and air.
  3. Third: Turn the diaper outside in again, even out the water-proof outer layer, let the side which is close to the buttocks sticks to the outer layer (Because there’re still some glue between layer and inner layer).
  4. Cut the adhesive tape out of the diaper.

Well, a simple diaper-separated has been done! Tie a rubber band to baby’s waist, then the diaper is folded to be put in the diaper-separated. Nip it with the rubber band on baby’s waist. It is secure to put the diapers in because there are radian and elastic pleat on diapers’ crotch. Baby can move freely. You don’t need to worry about the diapers will swelter baby’s buttocks, and also don’t need to worry about that baby will wet the bed or leak the urine. And if the diaper is wet, just change it. It is not waste of money to prepare several diaper-separated.

How is it? Babies who are still wearing paper diapers, do you feel hot? Ask your mothers to change another kind of diapers for you.

When decide to choose the disposable paper diapers for baby, first you would notice the size. At present, our market has various kinds of sizes, it can be said that the sizes are quite integrated and our “Good baby” products even have colors specially designed for boy babies and girl babies separately.

Besides the choosing of size and types, we shall pay attention to some close tips:

  1. More absorption, quick absorption
  2. More absorption can reduce the times of changing diapers; quick absorption can reduce the time skin and urine touched. In addition, you should choose the diapers which have dry and never back-penetrative material of the surface. It makes baby sleep well without the wetness diapers.

  3. Air permeability, not mugginess
  4. Mothers may know whether babies feel comfortable or not with the paper diapers when comparing with the sanitary napkins they use on their physiological period. Image that if the sanitary napkins you use are not air permeability, especially in summer, it will make you feel very uncomfortable and hatched. It is the same with baby’s diapers. Observe your baby’s buttocks carefully to know if the exquisite and gliding plastic material is more ventilated than cotton material.

  5. The touch is comfortable or not
  6. The touch is the essential part to learn the world for baby. It will help baby to develop more consummate feeling of safety with good experience of touch. And the foundation of this feeling has a direct influence on baby’s development of behavior. Baby’s skin is very sensitive that even a little stimulation will make him feel very uncomfortable. This point is worth your careful observation.

  7. Dry and leak-proof
  8. The paper diapers which sell in the market actually achieve the leak-proof standard. Therefore, for this point, fathers and mothers can use them with reassurance. But we should notice that if the elastic design on baby’s leg and waist is very tight because of the leak-proof function and the use of material is comfortable or not for baby. This is the main point we should pay attention to.

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