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Response Of Infant Hospitalization And Nursing In The Second Half Year After Born

  1. Response for being in hospital: Usually in infant’s 6th month, he can identify the face of acquaintance and stranger. He learns about his mother, and has a more and more strong sense of dependence on his mother. In this phase of infant hospitalization, the main reaction is separation anxiety. It is the behavioral characteristics of baby when he is separated from his parents or the closest person
  2. Baby cannot stop crying, looking for his mother, avoid and refuse the strangers. If baby stays in hospital for a long time, he will show inactive, depression, flinch and not interested in things around.

  3. Main nursing measures:
  • For the first time when nurse contacts with baby, first she would talk with his parents, which enables baby to have a familiar process to her so as to eliminate or reduce the unfamiliar psychology. Don't suddenly embrace baby from his parents' arms by force, which will increase baby's psychological fear.
  • Nurse should be fixed as far as possible and keep nursing continuously to meet baby's emotional or other needs.
  • Learn the habits of baby before hospitalization and encourage parents to bring baby's favorite toys and things to hospital, in order to alleviate separation anxiety; relieve his loneliness; satisfy his hobby and enable him to adapt hospital life as soon as possible.
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