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Tips for choosing paper diapers

There are paper diapers and cotton diapers in our daily life. Paper diapers become the first choice of mothers for its convenience and hygiene. But if you use paper diapers inappropriately, that will bring troubles to baby. Therefore, learning how to use paper diapers for their babies becomes the required course to mothers.

1. Paper diapers should have super air permeability

If the air permeability is not good enough, even baby has not pissed, but due to the hot weather or baby’s sweatiness, partial skin is also moist. Under this circumstance, baby’s tender skin becomes the object which diaper rash attacks. Therefore, when purchasing diapers, we should choose the paper diapers which have super air permeability. This kind of paper diaper has many subminiature ventages which can eliminate the moisture on baby’s buttocks.

2. Choose dry and comfortable type baby diapers

The inner layer of paper diaper has a dry surface, even if there is too much urine, the urine can be absorbed and the surface is still dry. Its special function is to keep baby’s buttocks dry and the return seepage of urine won’t happen.

3. Choose paper diapers with wetness indicator

With pattern on paper diaper, when diapers wet, the colors turn to pale, and mother can find immediately that the baby should change the diapers to avoid baby skin prolonged exposure to stimulate urine.

4. Choose paper diapers with super absorption function

Paper diapers with super absorption function are particularly suitable for baby at night. Because of its large absorption, the urine doesn’t seep. Hence reducing the times of changing diapers and the sleeping baby won’t be disturbed. Moreover, fast absorption can reduce the time that skin and urine touches. Thereby reduce the probability of getting diaper rash. Baby can have a good sleep.

5. Choose paper diapers of suitable size

Paper diapers have different sizes as per the weights of baby. Take “Pampers” for example: Size S is suitable for babies of 3-8 kg; Size M is suitable for babies of 6-11 kg; Size L is suitable for babies of 9-14 kg and size XL is suitable for babies of 12 kg above. Mothers should choose the suitable diapers according to babies’ ages and weights in order to make your babies feel comfortable when wearing the diapers.

6. Paper diapers with skin-care ingredients

Some paper diapers with aloe and other skin-care ingredients are especially suitable for babies whose skin is sensitive. Aloe contains components which can protect baby skin from been stimulated by urine.

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