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Baby Diaper Development

  1. The development of baby diaper:
  2. Since the 90's, many new features have been added to the baby diaper, SMS (spunbond-meltblown-spunbond) top-sheets were used, the cloth-like replaced the regular poly film in the higher end of the market Mechanical tapes were introduced into the market, in the form of Velcro or other types of hook and loop. Leg cuffs made of SMS nonwovens helped to reduce even more the leakage on the legs of the babies. Elasticized mechanical tapes were developed too. Many new "Bells and Whistles" like Aloe Vera. Germ protection. Skin conditioners, etc. are being used as the need to differentiate becomes more important in a market that is maturing.At the end of the decade the shape of the absorbent core is changing from a typical "T" shape into a "retangular shape", similar to the shape used in previous decades. The increased productivity of the small independent producers added pressure to the big players, who in response aggressively defended their intellectual property, transforming the industry into "lawyers heaven".

  3. Disposable Diapers
  4. Disposable diapers make diaper changing as simple as it can be. They are easy to put on - no folding, no pins, and no plastic pants - and can be discarded when they are wet or dirty. They are convenient when you're traveling as you need fewer diapers and less space to change in, and you don't have to carry wet, smelly diapers home to be washed. You will need a constant supply, so buy them in large batches.

    Never flush disposable diapers down the toilet as they inevitably get stuck. Instead, put the soiled diaper in a strong plastic bag. The bag should be firmly secured at the neck before you throw it out.

  5. Cloth Diapers
  6. Though cloth diapers are more expensive than disposables at first, they work out cheaper in the long run. Cloth diapers involve much more work than disposables because they have to be rinsed, washed thoroughly, rinsed free of detergent, and dried. You will need a minimum of 24 diapers to ensure that you always have enough clean ones, but the more diapers you can buy the less often you'll have to do the wash. When buying cloth diapers, choose the best that you can afford. They'll be good value in the long run because they'll last longer; they'll also be more absorbent, and therefore more comfortable for your baby.

    Shaped diapers are T-shaped, and have a triple-layered central panel for added absorbency. Their shape means that they are more straight forward to put on, and fit the baby more neatly.

    If a diaper service is offered in your area, it could be a practical and time-saving alternative. Even if the cost seems high, the service will save you the trouble and expense of washing and drying the diapers - extra tasks you may not have the energy to cope with when caring for a new baby. Services provide prefolded diapers as well as diaper pails and deodorizers, and they often sell diaper wraps, plastic pants, pins, and clips. Prefolded diapers are the most commonly available. These square diapers have a thicker center panel for extra absorbency. Birdseye diapers are large, thin squares that must be folded to fit the baby. If you want to make your own diapers, toweling squares can be folded in various ways, depending on your baby's size and needs. They are more absorbent than most disposables, so they are good at night.

    With fabric diapers you may want diaper liners. Liners prevent the diaper from getting badly soiled; they can be lifted out with any feces and flushed away. You will also need at least 12 diaper pins or clips - these have locking heads to protect your baby's skin - and six pairs of plastic pants.

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