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Baby Diaper Selection and Change Tips

  1. Diaper Selection
  2. Your first choice in diapers will be between cloth and disposable types. In recent years, the vast majority of parents have opted for disposables, though an increasing consciousness of environmental issues has led many parents to reconsider cloth diapers, which create less waste. Yet the issue is not clear cut: the detergents required to clean cloth diapers can be viewed as pollutants to the water supply, and the energy and water required to wash them might also be regarded as wasteful. While cloth diapers are cheaper than disposables in the long run, you need to consider the increased electricity bills for frequent machine washing, and the cost in your time. Providing that the diaper is changed as frequently as necessary, and that the basic rules of hygiene are observed, your baby will be happy whichever option you choose.

  3. How to Change Baby Diaper?
  4. First, lay a new teen baby diaper on a changing table or on a dry towel. Then place your baby, lay on back, on top of the fresh diaper. Hold your baby's feet together and very gently lift them up, raising the baby's bottom. then, fold over the soiled section of the old teen baby diaper and set the old diaper aside. Clean your baby's buttocks gently from front to back with baby wipes. Lower your baby's bottom onto the clean boy baby diaper. Pat the area and dry with a towel. If necessary, apply diaper rash cream to the area. Position the front of the boy baby diaper just under the baby's abdomen. Bring the tabs around from the back of the diaper and fasten them to the front. It is ok.

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