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How can baby protect eyes

Protect baby eyes and teach them how to protect their eyes is very important, which will enable them healthy life and affect many aspects of their daily lifes. Here we got some useful tips on how to protect your baby's eyes:

  1. The light should be enough
  2. The light should be enough and comfortable. Baby will come close to the words if the light is too weak for him to read clearly.

  3. Glisten should be avoided
  4. There should be lights installed near the desk for the purpose of reducing the reflection, and in order to reduce the harm to the eyes.

  5. Do not read for a long time
  6. Whether to do homework or watch TV, the time can not be too long and a short break every thirty minutes is better.

  7. Correct sitting gesture
  8. Sit straight and do not stoop down. Get too close to the tabletop or bend over doing homework may cause the tension of ciliary body muscle easily and even cause myopia.

  9. Reading distance should be moderate
  10. The distance between book and eyes should be 30 cm, furthermore, the height of the desk and chair should also match the physique. Reluctant match is not allowed.

  11. Do not watch TV too closely
  12. Keep 6 to 8 times of the TV screen diagonal distance between eyes and screen. And a short break every 30 minutes must be taken.

  13. Keep adequate sleep and regular schedule
  14. Insufficient sleep will easily make your body feel tired and cause pseudomyopia.

  15. More outdoor exercises
  16. Relax eye muscle with overlooking outside to prevent myopia and have more contact with nature and green plant is good for your eyes.

  17. Keep a balanced ingestion of nutrition
  18. Partial ingestion is not allowed, paying special attention to the ingestion of vitamin B group(embryo rice, cereal yeast).

  19. Do regular eyesight inspections
  20. Those whose eyesight is abnormal should go to qualified eyeglasses company or see an ophthalmologist for further inspection.

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