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How Does Baby Move in The Babyhood Stage?

Why were some babies born with movement cell? When did the movement cell start to grow in baby body? When shall we introduce “movement” to babies?

Infant, young child or even fetus has been able to experience itself from the movement. They develop their bodies and coordination functions during movement, so that their physical, emotional and social activities can gain balanceable development.

Therefore, if you want to have a little sport hero, you need to start from earlier time.

How does baby move in the babyhood stage?

  1. Movement cells start to grow from the embryo stage.
  2. Study shows that, when fetus was still in mother's uterus, it can have corresponding changes with the physical, health and emotional changes of mother. A kind of unique fetal movement phenomenon exists when fetus is in its 2 to 3 months. The movement can even reflect with the sound, light or even location changes of mother. Fetus of its 7th month can even hear the voice of intestinal fluid flow. After the stimulation, the fetus will speed up the heartbeat and strengthen the muscle movement. Therefore, during the period from pregnancy to childbirth, mother should develop the good exercise habits, such as a walk after dinner and so on, which can also enable the fetus to build a good exercise habit naturally.

  3. The quality of “crawl” directly affects the ability of movement.
  4. Theory has shown that children's development of sport is closely related with his early crawl. Therefore, movement starts from crawl, which is children's first athletic ability.

    Baby relies on the coordination of the movement of his hands and legs to crawl. When crawling, he must alter his right hand and left leg or left hand and right leg to support his body. This is the best gymnastics for baby. When crawling, almost his full-body takes exercise, which will make the muscle of upper limbs and lower limbs developed gradually. Children must raise his head and chest when he is crawling, which will make the muscle of his back becomes stronger. The soft abdominal muscle will also be strengthened. Crawling can reduce the load on the spine and avoid curved spine.

    After children grow up, many sports they do are relied on their physical coordination and muscle strength, and this strength is gained from the beginning of crawl. Of course, crawl can broaden the horizon of children and develop their sensitivity and perceptivity. So it is self-evident that children will become smarter and learn language faster.

    However, the crawling time should also be paid attention to. The skeleton and muscle of baby with 4 to 5 month are not developed well, thus crawl is not suitable for them. Baby above 7 months, the crawling time for their each crawl cannot be too long, generally 10-15 minutes each time is for good.

  5. Sports will affect the future life of baby.
  6. The latest research shows that baby movement can affect their development. Children who take large amount of exercise tend to perform better. More exercise may stimulate the brain activity. The harm of insufficient exercise not only causes obesity, but also advances the risk of suffering a lot of adult disease. Even more, it will cause adverse impact on psychological development, behavior and learning ability.

    Baby's movement is too important. From this moment, the prototype of its future tonicity and brightness has been drawn.

  7. The study on baby taking insufficient exercise
  8. Recently, a strict tracking study on the amount of exercise of pre-school children helps scientists to find out that three-year-old children also have the problem of insufficient exercise. The average daily amount of exercise they take is only 20 minutes, far less than the amount of exercise scientists recommended in their age. The direct performance of insufficient physical activity is three-year-old children eat less than in the past. 15-20 years ago, a three-year-old baby ate 25% more than a child today.

    The study found that children almost not take any exercise on the 9 to 10 hours of their waking time. Experts point out that watching television is the main reason for reducing movement. Even in the outdoors, the physical activity of children is also far less than before. Children nowadays are getting fewer opportunities to climb trees or run on the field freely. Nowadays, more people choose to travel by car, sometimes they put the children on the baby carriage and push. Actually, in many cases, parents should enable children to walk.

Experts pointed out that, in fact, it is not so difficult to let children to take more exercise. In the absence of television time, children would definitely not sit and stare at the wall for several hours. They are certainly able to find other ways to have fun. Children are always full of rich imagination, and the key for patents is how to guide them.

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