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Choose A Suitable Pillow For Baby

It is an important phase for the development of baby's brain within one-year-old. An appropriate baby pillow is in favor of blood circulation of brain and can promote its growth and development. If you choose improper baby pillow, it will not only affect the physiological functions of head and neck, but may also cause some developmental deformity. In that case, how to choose and use pillow accurately?

When newborn baby lies low, his back and the back of the head are in the same plane, his neck and back muscles are relaxed naturally. Baby's head is big and almost as wide as the shoulder. And when he lies on his side, his head and body are also in the same plane. Therefore, there is no need to use a pillow.

Children start to learn raising head after 3 months. The cervical spine appeared the physical forward bend. Therefore, in order to maintain physiological bending and keep a comfortable body posture, baby starts using pillow 3 months after he was born.

The appropriate height of baby pillow should be 3 to 4 cm and adjusted gradually according to baby’s state of development, it is appropriate to choose the pillow with its length as broad as baby’s shoulder.

The texture of pillow core should be soft, light, breathable and good moisture absorption. You can choose rush, cattail wool and so on as stuffing. Buckwheat husk is also a good stuffing for pillow core. You can also collect the used tea and insolate for pillow core stuffing. The contact distract between pillow and the back of baby head should be made as the same shape with the back of baby skull, and the pillowcase may select hand-me-down cotton fabric to make.

Some parents mistakenly believe that babies sleep on hard pillow can make skull grow strong and the head shape looks good, actually it is not right. Child's skull is soft, the slot of fontanel and skull are not completely closed. Long-term use of the hard pillow will easily cause deformation of the skull, or cause the two profiles not the same size and affect aesthetic appearance.

Children's metabolism is vigorous and the head will perspire more. When baby is sleeping, the sweat will easily wet the pillow. The mixture of sweat and dandruff easily cause the pathogenic microbe adhere to the surface of pillow, extremely easy to induce facial eczema and scalp infection. Therefore, the pillow core should be often insolated in the sun and the pillowcase should be changed frequently to keep clean.

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