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19 Bad Habits Will Endanger Baby's Safety

On daily baby care, parents might ignore some bad habits which will endanger baby safety. Here we summarize those bad habits for fresh parents to notice.

  1. Bad habit 1: Let baby crawl stairs by himself
  2. Analysis: There are more and more stairs in family now, once we don’t pay attention, baby will climb up stairs, which makes it vulnerable to tumble down. Therefore, it is better to fix the staircase with security railing to prevent baby climbing up.

  3. Bad habit 2: Don't nurse baby on the bed
  4. Analysis: With the rapid growth of baby, he is already able to turn over. If you let baby sleep on the sofa or bed, do not leave him alone. The safest way is to put baby on the crib with fence installed.

  5. Bad habit 3: Like to set porch at home
  6. Analysis of reason: Parents should pay special attention to love-climbing baby if they have set porch at home. Sometimes baby will tumble down from the small stairs and hit on the head. It is better to block it with fence so that baby cannot enter.

  7. Bad habit 4: Ignore the use of safe electrical outlet
  8. Analysis: There's danger of getting an electric shock or short circuit if inserting the fingers or objects to the electrical outlet. There are safe electrical outlets for sale in the market. The family with a small baby may consider replacing with them.

  9. Bad habit 5: Not install secure devices to block the door
  10. Analysis: Fingers caught by door is one of the common accidents happens to infants and young children. You must confirm the position of child before open or close the door. For insurance purposes, you may also install secure devices to block the door.

  11. Bad habit 6: Indulge children playing in the kitchen
  12. Analysis: Children's curiosity can be easily satisfied in the kitchen. However, every kitchen utensils is dangerous. So you should avoid child to enter into kitchen before he is 3 years old, further, you could never bring child when cooking or doing housework.

  13. Bad habit 7: Let children play in the balcony alone
  14. Analysis: Don’t let children play in the balcony alone. It is better to install rails in front of the balcony to prevent children entering. Furthermore, never place any stepping pad or others in the balcony, just in case of accident.

  15. Bad habit 8: Leave cabinets unlock after using
  16. Analysis: Children can be easily attracted by the things displayed in the glass decorative cabinets. But if child open the glass door, he will easily get his hand caught. It is best to lock the cabinet so that it cannot be opened by baby easily.

  17. Bad habit 9: There’s no safe sheath
  18. Analysis: There are various kinds of covers for table angle on sale. Therefore you can cover all the angles of furniture in the house and avoid children’s contusion or bruise. But when children want to get the things on the table, they will draw the table cloth and will easily get smashed or burn by hot food. So it is best not to cover the table cloth on the table.

  19. Bad habit 10: Shopping with baby
  20. Analysis: Some parents like to go shopping with their baby together. It is convenient to take baby out with his little cart. But the height of the little cart makes baby stay in the areas where vehicle exhaust emissions are the most intensive. Automobile exhaust includes plumbum and other noxious gases. If you often bring baby out for shopping, baby was like a small flowing "vacuum cleaner", which will no doubt hurt baby's health. There are many noisy people and bacteria on the road, in the shopping malls and large supermarkets. Because baby's resistibility is weak and he is easy to infect the bacterium and cause diseases. For example, baby is easy to suffer from respiratory tract infection etc.

  21. Bad habit 11: Often bring baby for long journey
  22. Analysis: Some parents will go travel with babies. In the strange new environment, baby's adaptability is weak. Their regular living conditions are changed artificially and the rule of lives are disrupted. Under fatigue, improper diet or weather changes, the probability of getting ill is very high. For example, diarrhea and other intestinal tract diseases. And if in the environment of lacking medical treatment and poor health care, the situation is even more dangerous and it is detrimental to baby's health.

  23. Bad habit 12: Let baby practice yoga and do fitness
  24. Analysis: Some parents thought that yoga makes help on children’s bone development and promote digestion, and children can vent excess energy and balance their emotion. Yoga is dainty about the syncretism of body and mind, which is too abstruse for children. The so-called children's yoga is through the ways of storytelling, singing and playing games to guide children into the world of yoga. The problem is that children are lively and active, their understanding ability is bad. Very few of them can understand the meaning and they cannot understand the essence of the sport. After a long time, if their actions are wrong, it is likely to lead to the growth of bone dislocation.

  25. Bad habit 13: Baby often wears new clothes and only uses disposable paper diapers
  26. Analysis: Many parents are like to put new clothes on their babies. Actually, new clothes cannot compare with old clothes worn bay other children. First, old clothes are softer and more comfortable for baby; secondly, because the old clothes are washed frequently, the formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals which may be carried by clothes have been cleared.

    If baby wears new clothes without washing before, it may cause skin allergy to baby.

    Disposable baby diapers are mainly composed by the following materials: cellulose, high-performance-absorbent polypropylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, a small number of flexible material and viscose. If the diaper is too wet, baby's skin is in the moist condition for a long time, the superficial protector of skin will be destroyed. With the friction of paper diaper, the moist skin is more vulnerable to be hurt. In mild case, skin will become red, severe, baby will cry for pain. There are common skin rash in the skin fold of abdomen, around the genitals, thigh and buttocks. Doctors believe that it is better to use cotton diapers instead of disposable paper diapers, which is breathable and will not cause diaper rash.

  27. Bad habit 14: Because parents stay up late, they bring baby stay up late
  28. Analysis: Some parents have the habit of stay up late, so they feed baby milk late or interrupt baby’s sleep. That will make baby form the habit of stay up late. Stay up late may affect the development of corporeity, emotion, behavior and cognitive ability. The decrease of sleeping not only affects the structure and function of brain, but also reduces the resistance to infection. More important thing is, usually the growth hormone in baby's body plays its role during 10pm to 2am. And if baby stays up late, his development and growth will be affected. Through observation, child who is sleeping late, he is easy to divert his attention, not cooperate with people, unruly and his height is generally shorter than the children of the same age.

  29. Bad habit 15: Parents play computer games with baby
  30. Analysis: Computer radiation has disadvantage to baby's nervous system and brain development, and also has detrimental influence on baby's vision development. Using computer with adults, because of the improper angle and height, baby's cervical vertebra and eyesight development will be affected. Therefore, don't spoil things by excessive enthusiasm and don't let your baby contact with computer prematurely.

  31. Bad habit 16: Indulging baby’s food
  32. Analysis: Many parents are indulgent for their children in the aspect of eating and let matters slide. Baby wants to eat chocolate and give him chocolate to eat, he loves to eat meat diet and then give him meat to eat, and baby doesn't eat any vegetables at all. That will cause baby overweight. Such high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other symptoms appears in very young age. In some Asian countries, more than 90% of people do not know the rise of their cholesterol. They will not notice the unwonted circumstance of baby in this aspect which will lead to a number of children also suffer from high cholesterol, high blood lipid and other disease in cardiovascular area.

  33. Bad habit 17: Bring baby to listen to high-decibel rock concert
  34. Analysis: Some parents wished to strengthen children's appreciation of music and will bring children to musicale or vocal concert. If it is the kind of light music, that is not a big problem. But if it is the kind of rock pop music, under the circumstance of high decibels (more than 70 db), it will impair baby's hearing system and is not conducive to the development of their normal hearing system.

  35. Bad habit 18: Supply a large number of calcium to baby
  36. Analysis: Besides drinking milk, some mothers also bought lots of calcium tablets, calcium powder to their babies. Too much calcium cannot be digested by human body and will cause side-effects, such as deposition of calcium, nephrolith and concretion of biliary and urinary tract system. Once there was a 3-year-old little girl said she had got bellyache. After type-B ultrasonic inspection, she was found with cholelithiasis. When asking her parents, we knew that her mother supplied too much calcium to her.

  37. Bad habit 19: Let baby eat placenta or other tonic
  38. Analysis: In order to strengthen children's corporeity, some parents think of letting children eat placenta. Placenta is rich in estrogen, but long-term feeding placenta will easily be counterproductive. There was a 5-year-old little girl who presents the phenomenon of precocious puberty after regular eating placenta.

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