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Bad Nursing Habits Will Harm Baby Easily

The bad nursing habits of parents will hurt baby easily.

Bad Habit 1: Shake Baby

It is always the first choice for fresh mother to hold her baby in the arm or put in the cradle to shake when the baby cries heavily or cannot sleep well. The more fiercely baby cries, the more violently mother shakes.

Health risks: The brain of human is an airtight space which is surrounded with the cerebrospinal fluid around, so that even if the brain suffered external impact, the cerebrospinal fluid may also act as buffer. Appropriate shaking can stimulate the inosculation of cranial nerve and make baby quiet down, but that must be done under the affordable range of the cerebrospinal fluid.

If you over shake baby in long time, especially for baby within 10 months old, it is likely to result in cerebral concussion, cerebral edema, even intracranial bleeding since the brain will be constantly sloshing in the skull cavity and the immature brain tissue will hit the hard skull directly.

The advice from doctor is that do not coax baby by shaking him. Just hold baby in the arm and let him feel safe when he is crying. Also avoid long term using of the swing bed which is sold on the market.

Bad Habit 2: Embrace Baby When Sleeping

Many mothers often embrace their cute little babies to sleep, in order to avoid an accident during baby sleep or a sense of helplessness when he wakes up at night.

Health risks: If the parents are infected with the disease, when they hug their babies to sleep, the mouth-to-mouth breathing would easily bring the bacteria to children. Moreover, hug children to sleep will make them inhale dirty air from the quilt. It is difficult for them to breathe the fresh air and will become ill easily. If mother falls into sleep deeply and presses her child under her body, or blocks the nostrils of child accidently, it is more likely to cause suffocation or other serious consequences.

The advice from doctor is that if you are really worried about the child, you can sleep with him, but remember to keep a distance from him. Do not hug the child tightly. If possible, it is preferred to sleep separately from child, and as long as you take the safety measures, the child will not fall from bed or bump. If you worry about that children will feel fear because of darkness, you can install a gentle bedlamp and give children a little light.

Bad Habit 3: Bedtime Feeding

Some mothers worry that their children are not full, or to let the children sleep a little faster; they feed babies milk right before the bedtime.

Health risks: Breastfeed baby before he is going to sleep will cause decayed milk tooth of baby. That is because the secreted amount of saliva and its cleansing function to nonnasality will reduce during sleep, combined with and the long time milk fermentation in the mouth, which will be easy to damage the structure of baby teeth. In addition, feeding baby before he is going to bed may cause baby choking and cough. Because baby is drinking milk when he is unconscious, the assistance of swallow muscle of mouth is insufficient and cannot protect the trachea mouth effectively.

The advice from doctor is that to avoid the consequences of decayed tooth, parents can give baby some warm boiled water suck to clean out the remained milk on mouth after breastfeeding. And to avoid the risk of choking and cough, the speed of feeding milk should be controlled appropriately and do not be impatient. Moreover, baby will easily to get choked when he is crying, breathing rapidly or wheezing. Therefore, parents should avoid feeding child while he is crying.

Bad Habit 4: Kiss

Seeing the ruddy and tender little cheek of baby, parents always cannot help to kiss the child, or let child to kiss them.

Health risks: The immunity of baby is low, if parents contact intimately with baby, it will possibly cause baby to infect the disease which parents are suffering from. Flu, mumps, tonsillitis, hepatitis, conjunctivitis and so on will possibly infect children through a kiss. And let children kiss the face of parents will also bring danger to children. Beautiful young mothers are inevitable to prink and when children kiss them, lead, estrogen and spicery which contained in the skin care products on mother face will enter into baby body, and cause chronic lead poisoning or neoteny etc.

The advice from doctor is that it is better not to kiss children when parents cannot grasp the severity of illness. And mothers who are using cosmetic had better not to let children to kiss their face.

Bad Habit 5: Massage and Foment

When children got bellyache, parents adopt massage or hot pack way in order to alleviate the suffering of children.

Health risks: If the bellyache of child is caused by intestinal worm disease, massage child belly will stimulate the polypite and cause ascariasis of biliary tract and even pierce the intestine wall. Indigitation is a common symptom that causes child bellyache. It is because small intestine exceptionally wriggled to invaginate into large intestine. At this time the blood supply of small intestine is blocked and cause pain. If massages blindly, it may cause the part of intestine invagination deepen and aggravate the state of illness. And long after that will make the intestines necrosis. If children got the bellyache because of acute appendicitis, once the perforation happened, parents adopting the method of foment may urge the inflammation suppuration place ulcerated and form diffuse peritonitis.

The advice from doctor is that when child has bellyache, parents should observe the situation of his ache and progress. If the child bellyache is not severe, or there is no other obvious abnormal situation accompanied with, parents can gently daut his belly. But if child keeps crying, or there are fever, vomiting and diarrhoea, hematochezia and other abnormal situation accompanied, parents should bring the child to the hospital for treatment promptly, do not massage and foment randomly.

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