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Breastfeeding — The Best Way to Feed Baby

Breastfeeding, artificial feeding and mixed feeding are the three most common methods to feed baby. But which one could be the best? The answer is yes, breastfeeding is the most suitable method to feed baby.

Breast feed baby should be promoted as it has many advantages:

  1. The nutritional value and the digestion and absorption rate are high;
  2. It could help to strengthen the function of the infant immune system;
  3. The breast milk has appropriate ratio content of calcium and phosphorus, which is easy for baby to absorb and use;
  4. The temperature of breast milk is appropriate for baby to eat, besides, no external contamination is involved in breast milk;
  5. Post-partum breast-feeding can stimulate the generation of prolactin, which can promote uterine contraction and recovery;
  6. Breast-feeding can enhance the sentiment between mother and baby.

baby feeding

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