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How to Cultivate and Enhance the Practice Ability of Baby?

Baby has subconscious imitative ability when he is at the beginning of sensible course. As the baby grows up day by day, his ability to access fresh things is getting stronger and stronger. He would deliberately to imitate every gesture of adult and he would like to try every thing that he has never done before. For the baby during this phase, in view of my personal experience, I will give parents some proposal as below:

  1. First of all, within the capability of baby, if he wants to do the things done by adults, we should not stop him.
  2. Some parents believe that baby will not be able to do well and not let him to do, or parents prepare everything for baby. For example, they bring things to baby when he wants instead of letting him to get those things by himself. This will kill baby's practice ability unconsciously and affect the physical exercise of baby.

  3. Secondly, it is necessary to guide baby's practice awareness correctly.
  4. As parents, during the daily contact with baby, they should cultivate baby's positivity of doing his own things at anytime. They can guide him to do things which are under his capability, such as holding a number of things, or simply sorting items. Because all things are fresh to baby, he would be happy to make some simple attempts.

  5. Thirdly, give praise to your baby when he did a good job.
  6. Baby loves to perform naturally, so parents should give baby some praise properly, for example, you can say "baby, you are great!” or“baby, you did a great job". Such praise will make him happy and wish to do again actively.

  7. Fourthly, baby will get tired of the things he does easily. Parents can combine the actual situation to create different forms of practice for baby.
  8. For instance, parents can come up with different ways to play the same game and demonstrate to their baby, and then guide baby to do it by itself. The baby would be interested in novel ways and do it with interest.

  9. Fifthly, sometimes, baby will feel boring when he is doing practical games himself and feel lonely.
  10. Parents can play with baby together and try to play a passive role as far as possible during the play, so that baby can complete the part of initiative. Parents may give a hint to baby to play the game with its own consciously, which will bring baby an interactive game.

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