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Diaper Rash Prevention and Effective Treatment

Diaper rash on buttocks

  1. Baby using diapers is easy to suffer from the diaper rash
  2. Baby who uses diapers is easy to suffer from the diaper rash, however, which baby doesn’t need to use diapers? It appears to be not a big deal, but diaper rash will make your baby feel uncomfortable. Therefore, prevention and effective treatment are very important.

  3. Symptoms
  4. You can easily identify such common diseases: baby’s bottom is bright red and there’s tumor on the place where the diaper is on. If the pink tumor appears on diaper rash in the area around the red spot of diaper or around baby nonnasality, it might develop to yeast rash, and local antifungal treatment is required

    Because baby cannot tell you by words where he feels uncomfortable, he may express his discomfort through crying and dysphoria, especially when changing diapers. And it may also be manifested as loss of appetite.

  5. What can it be if it is not diaper rash?
  6. Sometimes you think that your baby is suffering from diaper rash, but it may be another slight children dermatosis. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the difference between diaper rash and other common diseases, in order to treat effectively. Impetigo, seborrheic dermatitis and prickly heat are easily mistaken for diaper rash.

  • Impetigo: It is a kind of bacterial infection which occurred in a diaper area, face and hands, with papules and scarring, blisters and itching from the color of honey ulcer. Because this kind of disease has the infection, therefore, in order to avoid infecting, the family members should often use antibacterial soap to wash their hands. If you discovered this kind of ulcer, please go to see a doctor, he will possibly prescribe the bacteriophage ointment or the oral administration antibiotic medicine.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis: Seborrheic dermatitis is one kind of dermatosis that often infected with one-year-old baby. You can find white or yellow squamous of tumefied and rough red erythema covered in baby's groin, genitalia and the abdomen. This kind of dermatosis is called "achor". You can try to daub some non-prescription ointment on infected part, such as cortisone or hydrogenation cortisone ointment to keep baby's skin healthy and dry. If not feel better, please go to see a doctor. Doctor may prescribe some cortisone ointment which is more effective.
  • Prickly heat: Hot and damp may cause the prickly heat to appear, and the skin accumulates the sweat and cannot evaporate that will produce hot and damp. This phenomenon doesn’t often appear on those babies’ skin that was born more than 3 months. This dermatosis looks like the acne and accompanied by the small pink tumour. It often can be found in skin-fold on diaper area, especially on the plastic liner of diapers or the place where the diaper touched the skin. The moisture is the main reason to cause prickly heat. Don’t put too much clothes on your baby, keep his skin dry. If the prickly heat is still serious, you should bring your baby to see a doctor.

What is the reason to cause diaper rash?

Most diaper rash is caused by the moisture on diaper area that stimulating baby skin. Skin PH value change, damage of protein contained in dejection and infection by sequential bacterium or microzyme is the chief criminal. Following are some other pathogenesis:

  1. Inappropriate method of cleaning diaper area
  2. The diaper rash is caused by the changes of PH value of stool and urine. If you want to clean the trash which on baby’s tender skin softly and completely, you can use neutral non-alcohol baby wet wipes or soft towel with warm water to wipe baby’s skin. The allergic skin should better use the fresh water; other skins can use neutral soap. Avoid using rough towel to wipe the skin because it will aggravate the rash and baby will feel more uncomfortable. At present, most of the baby wet wipes are nonalcoholic. Read the label clearly before using to avoid misusing the wet wipes that contain alcohol ingredient. Alcohol will cause causalgia and increase stimulation.

  3. Do not change baby diapers enough times
  4. Research shows that the possibility of getting diaper rash on those babies who was changed the diapers at least eight times a day will reduce obviously. Change diapers frequently are very important from two main reasons: 1). Long time wetness will cause the fragility of baby’s skin and is easy to suffer from diaper rash; 2). The stool and urine mixed more time, the enzyme in the stool will harm baby's skin longer. Super absorption diapers help to absorb the urine from baby’s skin and dejecta.

  5. Microzyme infection
  6. If your baby’s skin is wet by urine for a long time, the skin is easy to suffer from the yeast rash, which is an obstinate diaper rash. Using antibiotics to cure may cause diarrhea and yeast rash exacerbation. You can find out this kind of rash through red tumour or white abscess which appears around the erythema in diaper area. Your baby’s mouth may also appear these white flecks, so your breast may ache when you are feeding your baby. If such situation lasts, you should find a doctor to carry out anti-fungal treatment as soon as possible.

Prevention and treatment

Some suggestions on how to prevent diaper rash at the first beginning:

  • Change diapers after babies wet or defecate as soon as possible
  • Clean and wipe the baby’s genitalia completely after baby’s stool. Pay attention when cleaning to avoid excessive force to abrade the skin
  • Daub a little protective ointment or petroleum jelly on baby’s buttocks
  • Don’t tie the diaper too tight and to keep its the air permeability
  • If baby scoured by the cause of having antibiotics or other reasons, you should observe the diapers and change it immediately

If the diaper rash appears, you may try below methods:

  • Change diapers frequently to reduce the humidity of baby’s skin
  • Leave some time each day for baby without wearing diapers, so that his skin can breathe freely
  • Clean and dry the buttocks completely after baby stool, and then put the diaper on
  • Daub some ointment that containing zinc oxide or Vaseline, or use the ointment suggested by doctor to prevent urine touching inflammation of the skin
  • If the above methods do not have any effect and if baby use fabric diapers, then you should try other brands of diapers or cleanser
  • Consider to use the disposable diapers which outer-layer daubed Vaseline

If several days later the diaper rash still not turn to better, or the bleb or blain appears, please go to see a doctor.

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