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Tips For Putting Clothes On Baby

Because newborn baby's body is soft, his head is bigger and cannot be straight, coupled with the fat arms and curving legs, these problems bring parents a great difficulty to put the clothes on baby. Therefore, when parents dress clothes for baby, they should pay attention to the following matters:

  1. Change clothes for baby only when it is necessary
  2. If baby often sick up milk, you can put a large bib on baby, or use wet towel to clean up the dirty part. It is unnecessary to change a suit from head to foot each time.

  3. Be careful when the clothes cover baby head
  4. Before cover the clothes on baby's head, mother should open the neckline with hands to avoid the collar hurt baby's ears and nose. At the same time, in order to avoid baby's fear of darkness when his line of sight covered by clothes, you can talk to him to distract his attention.

  5. Choose a complante to put clothes on baby
  6. It is better to choose a complanate place to put on clothes for baby and try to prepare some toys or light music. At the same time, you may turn the dressing time into parent-child conversation or game's time.

  7. Proper room temperature and humidity for putting clothes on baby
  8. When dress clothes for baby, the room temperature for newborn baby should be maintained at 22 to 24 degrees Celsius, the humidity should be maintained around 60%-65%. The room temperature is too low can affect baby's metabolism and blood circulation, too high the room temperature will cause the fever; The proper humidity makes people skin feel comfortable and breath smoothly without dry, it is not conducive to the floating dust.

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