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Misunderstanding In Baby Food Supplement

Artificial feeding and mixed feeding over 120 days, we need to add supplement food for baby. In this phase of artificial feeding and mixed feeding, baby is mainly fed with milk (the amount of milk should not be decreased), but only the nutrition from milk cannot meet baby's nutrition and calorie requirement. Therefore, baby food supplement must be added.

Ubiquitous misunderstanding in adding baby food supplement

  1. Mistake accessorial food for non-staple food, or food of not important
  2. In fact, supplement has the meaning of "support, help and complement" in China. Without accessorial food supplement, baby's energy and nutrition will not be sufficient, and his growth and development will be affected. Therefore, food supplement is also known as supplementary feeding.

    Parents should be aware of the basic principles—infant food supplement and infant feeding is a process.

    With the increase of the month age, the quality and quantity of accessorial food change accordingly. In other words, with the increase of baby's month age, baby food supplement changes accordingly. Breast milk or baby formula should be also fed 4-6 times per day to provide essential nutrition and energy, and the rest will provided by accessorial food.

  3. What to feed? How to feed? When to feed? Where to feed? Who can feed?
  4. That is to say, there should be the right person to decide to choose the right kind of accessorial food, the right feeding way, the right time and the right place to feed.

    Parents should be aware of the basic principle—the feeding characteristic at this stage is to let baby try to eat some new food one by one.

If you want add baby food supplement successfully, you should pay attention to the six issues below:

  1. According to baby's ability of digest and his demand of nutrition, increase food varieties gradually. Try one for 3-5 days, or 1 week, after baby adapts it, you can add another.
  2. The amount of accessorial food should be added gradually from less to more, thick to thin and light to strong.
  3. When baby is sick or the weather is hot, you should stop or postpone adding new food, in order to avoid indigestion.
  4. Each time after adding a new variety of food, you should pay attention to the situation of baby's digestion. If you find his stool is abnormal or vomiting, rashes appear and so on, feeding this kind of accessorial food should be stopped for the time being. If it is the problem of stool, you can try again after his stool back to normal and feed him from the beginning amount or even a smaller volume.
  5. The individual differences between babies are big; you need to grasp nimbly the variety of accessorial food, amount and start-month-old.
  6. Pay attention to food hygiene when adding accessorial food, the raw material must be fresh and the food should be eaten once it is cooked, do not give baby leftover food. Baby's dishware must be fixed for dedicated use and cleaned carefully, disinfected every day.

Five stages of adding food supplement for baby

  1. (0-4 months) Exclusive milk period: exclusive breastfeeding infant may not feed water; mixed-fed infants or artificial feeding infants can feed some water between meals properly.
  2. (4-6 months) Attempt stage: exclusive breastfeeding baby is still in the exclusive milk period. Mixed feeding baby and artificial feeding baby at this stage are trying to eat accessorial food of liquid and pappy status. Use spoon to feed.
  3. (6-8 months) Learning chewing and swallowing stage: mainly feeding with pappy food and semi-solid food, increase the variety of vegetables, fruits and meat. Learn to eat one or two meals high-quality food of mixed food, such as vegetable porridge or mashed noodle.
  4. (8-12 months) Gradually establish a "3 meals 3 points" of diet pattern stage: gradually eating semi-solid and solid food, eating "finger pointing food" (the accessorial food taken by his hands and eaten alone). Eat steamed custard from the 10th month.
  5. (12-24 months) Family table food transitional stage: the type of food should gradually get close to the family members, the quality of food required to be soft and easy to chew; the food for baby should be made separately.
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