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Response Of Infant Hospitalization And Nursing In The First Half Year After Born

  1. Response for being in hospital: During infant hospitalization period, if his physical needs can be met, he is usually calm and less crying.
  2. Psychology is a product which is generated by cerebra activity under the influence of objective reality. According to the research on children psychological development, after the young child was born, under continuous influence from outside stimulation, the internal structure and function of the brain developed rapidly. The conditioned reflex formed on the basis of non-conditioned reflex, which is the beginning of mental activity. Baby starts to make special "happy naive reaction" to his mother in the second month after he was born. He watches his mother's face, his hands and feet are moving heedlessly, smiles. The understanding between mother and child is gradually deepening and sentiment engendered, hence satisfy with baby's need. Being in hospital will interrupt the process of establishing sense of trust between infant and mother. And at the same time, outside stimulation and the movements of hands and feet which baby needs are restricted. The development of feeling and movement will be affected to a certain extent.

  3. Main nursing measures:
  • Nurse should be fixed as far as possible to give baby comprehensive nursing, establishing sense of trust between nurse and baby.
  • To give baby a comfortable contact, such as hug, touch and so on.
  • There should be proper environment stimulation, like color, sound and so on. Therefore, baby will obtain warm emotion and excited feeling, which are very important to their physical and mental development.
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