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General Knowledge On Cleaning Baby Buttocks

It is well known that changing baby diapers is a technical work. Actually, it is not so easy to clean baby’s buttocks neither. If the method is improper, it will bring inflammation to baby. Before cleaning, mother should wash clean her own hands, in order to avoid the spread of bacteria to baby. And then prepare a basin of clean warm water with the temperature close to body temperature and without adding any additive.

Knowledges for cleaning boy baby buttocks

When clean little boy baby’s buttocks, first you should wipe the root gently. You can fold the little towel into little square shape and use the edge of towel to wipe him sidewards. Then pay attention to his little dick when cleaning, especially those whose foreskin is too long. If you find that baby’s glans is inflamed, probably he is suffering from inflammation. Remember don’t wipe with towel after cleaning and must go to see the doctors as soon as possible.

Knowledges for cleaning girl baby buttocks

As for little girls, there are more daintily. Because feminine urethral meatus is near to the anus and will be infected by bacilli easily. Therefore, mother should clean it from up to down and from front to back, that is to say mother should disjoin baby girl’s labium and clean her urethra meatus, and then clean from backwards. To avoid sequence reversal, in order to prevent the bacilli which from anus infect urethra. After cleaning, wipe her pudendum with a soft and insolated towel. Mother should notice that it is better not to use any talcum powder to girl baby’s private parts. Just daub some protect-buttocks cream on it. Because talcum powder may come into baby’s private parts and after a period of time, powder will stuck and its hare to be cleaned; if the powder is already stuck, you may use some olive oil and then clean it with cotton swab slowly.

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