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Good methods to pacify baby crying

1. 0 to 3 month-old baby

  1. Drink water
  2. Generally speaking, breastfeeding a baby simply does not need extra water. But if baby is screaming and crying, then give baby water to drink may pacify his crying. Usually, baby who got stomach pain loves to suck. If baby still cry after feeding, no matter what the reason is, I suggest that you give baby a bottle of water to drink 10 minutes later after breast-feed, which will play a very good result.

    If you are still breast-feeding your baby, you can also let his father to feed baby water. Otherwise, father has no chance to participate in feeding the baby. This could be a very good opportunity for father to appease crying baby like mother.

  3. Accompany baby for a while
  4. Sometimes baby cries only because he was bored, and he wants you to accompany him for a while. It usually happens when baby is very small. All your energy is almost spent on feeding baby, changing diapers and taking a bath for baby. Manage to coax the baby to sleep with great difficulty and you thought that you could relax for a while, but things have taken place: baby woke up suddenly and cried. You should know that he only slept for ten several minutes, but now he is awake. What do you see when you come to bed? Baby is laughing brightly and happily in front of you!

    Baby from 6-8 weeks could start express his will to be with you or want you to carry him in the arm. He will feel boring when he lies in bed alone. He knew that he will get what he want as long as he cries. So why not use this method?

    When baby wants you to play with him during his siesta, it means you shall give up the time which you can dominant freely. This is very anguished. As baby needs to adjust his nap time, you must adjust your time and arrange for the baby’s nap. Actually baby needs his mother and wants to be with you all the time is your best reward.

2. 3 to 12 month-old baby

  1. Nap
  2. When baby wants to take a nap, he often cries. His cry is neither loud nor the soft whimper issued by the throat. At this moment, he is not interested in food and toys. When he is crying, his eyelids droop, his eyes do not have any spirit and he rubs the eyes with hand.

    According to the study, infants from birth to 3 months, they need to sleep 16 hours everyday. Half sleep is taken during the day, and the other half at night. When baby grows up to the 6th month, its daytime sleep takes 4-5 hours during the day and divided into two to three naps.

    Coax baby to sleep is quite difficult for inexperienced mother. If your baby can not easily lie down to sleep, then he could use the extreme method—crying. Here we will teach you how to coax your baby. The steps are almost the same with nighttime. At the same time you should also pay attention to baby's system of work and rest.

  3. Let the baby sleep regularly, give him breast-feeding, then tell him stories, and finally cover him with blankets
  4. Keep the room quiet and the light must be dark
  5. Observe the baby to find if he really wants to sleep. If the baby did not look tired, and is still very excited, do not force him to go to bed
  6. Swing
  7. When baby can control his upper body (if he can sit), then he would be able to ride the cockhorse or other big shaking toys, suchlike swing may coax those bad temper or bored babies. Baby may feel very interesting when swaying, while it never hurt others.

    If you don’t want to add this type of toys, in fact, you can rent or borrow them from your relative and friends who have kids. The most important thing to remember is that you must double-check whether the seatbelt of the cockhorse or swing is reliable or not?

3. 12 to 24 month-old baby

  1. Hide-and-seek
  2. Hide-and-seek is an interesting game which you can play with your baby in most of the time, especially for baby during the period of weaning. For example, you want to break his habit of eating breast-feeding when wake up, you may lay him on the bed, cover his head with towel quilt and then ask him:“Where is baby?” This way can disperse his attention of eating breast-feeding, and to use the milk bottle to drink milk.

    If your baby cries for the afraid of darkness, you can cover your head with towel quilt and repeat several times, until he has the interest of playing this game with you. Afterward, when he plays happily, you will be able to give him milk bottle. Bigger babies usually like to play this game and they will accept that you cover their heads, even their hands and feet with the blanket they like. Finally, you can cover your head and baby’s head together and pretend to disappear from this world temporarily.

  3. Listen to the music with headphone
  4. Your baby must feel surprised when he wears headphones for the first time. Playing his favorite CD or tape when he puts on this fantastic thing, he will be immediately immersed in the wonderful music.

    After you have tried it one or two times at home, you may also use the headphones during the travel in coach. In the travel, headphones can be used as a kind of basic equipment. Crayon, paster or “look-out -the-window” game can only make baby playing for a while, but headphone is a nice thing to kill time.

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