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Tips For Teaching Baby To Crawl

The development of baby crawl and behaviors needed to be trained intentionally. It is said that “Raising head in 2nd month; turning over in 4th month; sitting up in 6th month; rolling in 7th month; crawling in 8th and walking in one-year-old.” This is the development process of baby’s big movement. Every child will be going through these stages. Looking baby growing up day by day, how happy the parents are! However, there are less and less children can crawl. Actually, baby’s actions and behaviors need to be trained by adults intentionally. Following are some training methods of baby learning to crawl for mother’s reference:

Baby Crawl Practice Method One

  1. Roll the small mat into round. (Mat is flexible and easy to spread)
  2. Let baby grovel on the mat, and press one side of mat under your body.
  3. Mother pushes the mat and let baby crawl towards the spreading direction of mat.

Baby Crawl Practice Method Two

  1. Baby grovels on the ground or bed.
  2. One person is in front of baby and the other one is behind baby.
  3. The person who is in front of baby pulls baby’s right hand and the person who’s behind baby pushes baby’s left foot; and pulling baby’s left hand when pushing baby’s right foot.

Baby Crawl Practice Method Three

    Both parents lies on the bed and let baby grovel on mother’s side and father on the other side of mother, then father pull the right hand of baby and meanwhile, mother push the left foot of baby, And vice versa, to assist baby crawl from his side to father’s side.

Tips: These methods are used to train the forward sense of baby first. Parents should be patient and help baby to practice more. After several times of training, baby can crawl forward by himself. And after the success of each practice, parents should encourage or reward baby in order to maintain his enthusiasm.

Baby Crawl Practice Method Four

    Let baby grovel on the bed and swathe the baby’s chest and abdomen with blanket. Father pulls up the blanket; mother pushes baby’s left hand and right foot, and goes forward one step; and then mother changes to push baby’s right hand and left foot, and go along in turn for training baby to crawl with his hand and knee. Parents should pay attention to give baby proper rest during the training and encourage baby more. They can place baby’s favorite toys or subjects on the destination to urge baby make efforts to crawl forward and maintain the interest of doing this practice.

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