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What Tips Need To Be Paid Attention When Kids Watch TV

In today's life, it is inevitable for kids to contact TV. As it is known, most kids rather watch TV, but not all the programs are suitable for kids to watch, meanwhile, a long time stay in TV room will do harm to kids' health. Here we offer some tips for parents to guide baby watch TV healthily.

  1. Let kids eat more food which are rich in vitamin A
  2. Vitamin A can maintain the normal function of cornea of eyes and keep the corner wet, prevent the degradation of cornea and enhance the eyesight in dark environment. \

  3. Keep a proper distance between kids and TV
  4. Kids should be separated away from TV for more than 1.5 meters, the height of screen center must be consistent with the horizontal line of eyes, in order to avoid eye fatigue.

  5. The brightness of television should be adjusted properly
  6. Over-bright will stimulate eyes while excessive dark will cause eyes strain. It is better to install a secondary light source indoor (within 8 watts) to correspond to the television screen.

  7. Pay attention to the volume
  8. Volume should be adjusted according to people's hearing, too loud the sound is easy to distort and noise will generate; the hearing organ of baby is tender, its functions are constantly improving, any small negative stimulation will bring risk and affect the normal development of the hearing; too loud volume will reduce the children's hearing; and children will form the hard of hearing if they are listening to big sound for a long time.

  9. Wash kids' face after watching TV
  10. After television is turned on, the electron flow inside will bombardment the screen constantly and the static charge will generate on the surface of television screen. Static charge will play the roll of attract the dust on the air. According to the testing, the dust around the screen usually contains a large number of abnormal granules of microorganism, which will damage the skin if attached to the skin for a long time. Therefore, you should wash baby's face after watching TV, so as to protect facial skin.

  11. Doing ocular gymnastics after watched TV can eliminate eye strain
  12. Choose suitable TV programs for kids
  13. Parents should choose those informative programs for children or the teleplays that foster children's mental civilizations; the teleplays of which telling love stories, strange and thriller kung fu or homicide are not suitable for kids. Child's neurological development is not fully completed and will easily get frightened and lead to the discomposed of sleep and nightmare etc. And some scenarios are harm for kids who have little experience of the world.

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