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Six Situation Unsuitable for Baby Bath

Taking a bath for baby is always a wariness, never bath your baby under these 6 circumstance as below:

1. Do not take a bath for baby after the vaccination

After vaccination, a pinhole will temporarily remain on baby skin, which is hard to find by naked eye. A bath for baby after vaccination will caused the pinhole contaminated and inflamed.

2. Do not take a bath for baby right away when baby has frequent vomit and diarrhea

You have to move your baby inevitably when taking a bath for baby. This will increase baby vomiting, even worse, it will cause baby suck puke in by accident when you do not pay enough attention.

3. A bath is not suggested for baby within 48 hours when baby is having a fever or allaying a fever

Taking a bath for the baby who is having a fever will make baby feel chill easily, and even cause convulsion; taking a bath for baby at improperly time will make the skin pore closed and lead to a higher temperature on baby’s body, sometimes cause baby’s skin telangiectasia congestive and cause the blood-supply of baby’s main internal organs insufficiently. Besides, the resistibility of baby is worst after the fever and if you take a bath for it right away, baby is easy to suffer from the cold and fever again. Therefore, we suggest that you should take a bath for your baby 48 hours later after his fever allayed.

4. It is not suitable to take a bath for baby when it has skin damage

If baby has skin damage, such as impetigo, swollen boil, scald, trauma and so on, it is not suitable to take a bath for baby right now. Because there will be partial damage to the skin wound and the wound will spread or be contaminated when taking a bath.

5. Do not take a bath for baby immediately after breast-feeding

Taking a bath for baby after feeding immediately will make much blood flow to the expanded vascular epidermal which is stimulated by hot water. And abdominal blood supply reduced correspondingly, that will affect baby’s digestive function. Second, due to the dilation of baby’s stomach after feeding, taking bath for baby right away is easy to make him vomit. Therefore, it is appropriate to take a bath for baby 1 to 2 hours after feeding him.

6. Baby with low birth weight should be given a bath cautiously

Low birth weight infants are those babies whose birth weight is less than 2500 grams. Most of these babies are the premature infants. Due to the immaturity of development, the ability of living is low, the subcutaneous fat is thin and the regulation of body temperature is poor, so the body temperature is easy to fluctuate with the change of ambient temperature. For those special babies, we must decide prudently whether to give a bath for them or not.

Besides baby own factors, decide whether to take a bath for the baby is restricted by surrounding environment. The temperature of circumstance is better to be 26-28°C and the temperature of water should be 40-42°C when taking a bath for baby. Actually under most circumstance you can take a bath for your baby. If you have time, take a parent-child bath is a good choice that can increase the sensation of parents and baby.

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