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Solutions On Baby Don't Eat Milk Or Get Tired Of Milk

Baby had been having good appetite and didn’t have any symptom of illness, his activities are also normal. But all of a sudden, there’s a period of time baby does not like to drink milk, but after some time, it returns normal. Some mothers suspect that there are some problems with the milk powder. However, this milk powder has no such quality problem after inspection, sensory test is eligible and the taste is almost the same after the inspection. This phenomenon is known as “tired of milk”. Many mothers came across the similar phenomenon more or less.

This phenomenon generally happens four months after baby born and lasts for one week or two. Mainly because baby becomes curious about the ambience gradually, he cannot concentrate his attention on drinking milk; or he may tire of single food, etc. In addition, four months later, baby eats some complementary food and may be tired of drinking milk.

If you encounter baby tired of milk, first, don’t worry, try to adopt the following measures:

1. Don’t change baby formula discretionarily

Baby has been accustomed to the taste of the powdered milk he drank. If you change a new brand of the powdered milk, it will cause baby have an antipathy to the powdered milk easily, or even baby on a “hunger strike”. Usually, after a general dislike period of milk, baby will return to like the original baby formula.

2. Don’t feed baby by force

Children in different developmental stages, the problem of anorexia are likely to occur, it is a normal phenomenon. If parents worry about that and cannot wait until baby restores his appetite, forcing baby to eat will cause his conflict and will aggravate baby's sense of anorexia.

3. Food diversification

If baby gets tired of milk, parents may try to make some differences on categories and colors of complementary food, in order to improve baby’s food acceptance.

4. Supply baby fungible food with sufficient nutrition

Feed baby other substitutable food which contains high protein and rich calcium temporarily. Such as bean curd, sesame, stockfish and bone soup etc.

5. Provide baby a quiet environment for eating food, decrease the attraction or stimulation from outside world

6. Observe baby’s growth

If baby's growth curve is normal and active as ever, and no other abnormal phenomenon occurred, such as just finished vaccine inoculation, teething, flatulence etc, usually getting tired of milk will last for a few days and then back to normal. Parents don’t need to get too worried. If baby is still lacking of appetite and his activity turns worse, it is necessary to observe whether baby has other physiological diseases.

Some parents are still worried about that if the quality of powdered milk causing the baby's tired of milk. Because some careful parents may found that even the same brand and same phase of powdered milk, their smell and colors are a little different. Actually we don’t need to worry, because:

  1. The color of baby formula has not effect on quality at all. Sometimes the color of the same brand baby powdered milk will be yellow more, and sometimes will be white more. This is because the basic raw material of infant formula is milk. Milk will present different colors according to the difference of region, season and grass. Brand infant formulas are not adding any artificial coloring. Therefore, as long as its sensory, physic and chemical, hygiene and other targets conform to the national standards, the color of milk powder has made no any effect on quality.
  2. Because the nutrition of baby formula is enhanced, the taste of powdered milk is different. Some mothers have tasted the baby formulas, they found that some baby formulas are tasteless and without the milk fragrance. The tastes of baby formulas and ordinary pure milk are different. Because those infant formulas for pregnant woman and infants are added with some necessary nutrient ingredients for infant growth and development. For example, folic acid, DHA, ARA, choline etc which can help brain development.

In addition, the baby formula has also got rid of the tallow contained in the ordinary pure milk that baby cannot absorb (with the milk flavor). While refined vegetable oil mixture (including soya bean oil) that can be digested and absorbed by baby easily is added. Therefore, the ingredients are different from the ordinary pure milk; the taste and smell also have differences.

In fact, parents did not need to care the taste of baby formula too much. If parents deliberately pursue the fragrant and delicious sweet taste of baby formulas, that will aggravate baby's taste. And in the future, it is very difficult to add those insipid complementary food and easy to cause child being choosy food. Therefore, regarding the taste growth of child's sense, insipid food is good choice.

Baby stars to reduce the amount of milk from his fourth or fifth month, his appetite is poor, the parents cannot help but worry about insufficient nutrition of baby. Actually this is the phenomenon of baby's “tired of milk”. Parents should not need to worry as they only need to find out the reasons for this phenomenon, they can adopt the proper countermeasures.

  1. Reason one: Not feel well. (For example: teething, vaccine inoculation and illness etc.)
  2. Method: If he is in teething, parents can use the nipple with bigger hole to feed baby and reduce the pain caused by suckling. Or mix milk powder, oatmeal, rice flour and other food into milk paste, feeding him with spoon.

  3. Reason 2: Curiosity leads to not concentrated or playing for fun
  4. Method: When feeding him milk, it is better to ensure no brouhaha or other things that will cause baby’s distraction on ambience, so that baby can concentrate on eating.

  5. Reason 3: Physiological tired of milk, the appetite is not good, the period of tired of milk is more than 2 months, body weight and height dysplasia.
  6. Method: Can supplement baby with baby-specific vitamin, or consult to the doctor whether to use medicine to adjust gastrointestinal function and increase appetite.

  7. Reason 4: Baby's sense of taste starts to develop and baby is not interested in unchanged taste of milk, he hopes to try some new tastes.
  8. Method: Don't feed baby milk by force, because baby may have to resist. You’d better provide baby complementary food with diversification and different tastes; moreover, try to use natural taste, don't add seasoning.(Less than one-year-old)

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