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Start Protecting Baby Vision From Every Meal

If someone told you that vision is related to nutrition, do you believe it or not? In fact, poor vision is not only related to picky about food and selective eating disorder. While good nutrition can improve visual acuity.

Myopia and monophagia

According to the survey, the age of Chinese children suffering from the myopia continuously brings forward and the number is increasing continuously.

Besides the increasing of study pressure, long time watching TV, using computer and playing video games, children's daily activities will also increase the burden of using eyes in different degree. Children’s poor eyesight also has a great relationship with the unbalanced nutrition.

Choosy in food may leads to nutrition imbalance and directly affect the development of eyeball. For example, choosy in food will cause the lack of protein and vitamin, especially the lack of vitamin A, B and carotene will lead to myopia. If we compare our eyes to a fine camera, the retina is just like photographic film, while vitamin A is like the photosensitive material of the film. Lack of the photosensitive material, photos cannot be exposed and the vision cannot come into being. In school days, we need to read books and study at night, which will consume more vitamin A than that during the daytime. Lacking of vitamin A for a long time, the epithelium cell of cornea will become vulnerable and get hurt easily because of its over dry, and thus affect the vision of children. Choosy in food may also lead to the insufficiency of other nutriments concerning about vision, such as vitamin B2, zinc and other elements, and it may also lead to the decline in visual acuity.

Nutriment, the factor of protecting vision

Adequate nutrition can help you alleviate visual fatigue and protect eyes. And the vision is most closely related to protein, vitamin A, B1, B2, C and some other microelements. DHA in breast milk can prevent myopia.

  1. Protein is the basis for visual development. The eyes are one of the vital organs of the body. Eye's normal function and organic renewal cannot be separated from the protein. If the protein is in the deficient status for a long time, that will cause eye's function decline and lead to various eye diseases. Meat, seafood, milk, egg and legume etc are all rich in protein.
  2. Vitamin A is the most important nutriment for maintaining normal vision. Strengthen the intake of vitamin A is very important to the function of protecting eyesight. A variety of animal livers, eggs, milk, carotene-rich red yellow and green vegetables and fruits are the best source of vitamin A. Having one egg, one to two cups of milk, one red or yellow fruit or vegetable per day and some pork liver per week, you can well prevent the lack of vitamin A.
  3. Vitamin B1 is the nutriment of visual neurons. When lacking of vitamin B1, the eyes will get fatigue easily. Chaff, wheat, legume and other roughages are rich in vitamin B1. Besides, pluck, lean meat, nut (such as melon seeds, peanuts) are also rich in vitamin B1.
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