YXAF-010 Apertured Film

YXAF-010 Product Specifications:

  1. Pleasantly cool and antiseptic,it is stable with an antiseptic rate of 99.0%.It can reach an antiseptic rate of 99.0% when it is exposed to blood within 20 minutes (while ordinary products require 24hours for that effect);secondly,no matter which method is used to detect products(either for out-dissolved or non-out-dissolved type) by any province or city,it can meet the national standard of antiseptic rate (while ordinary products adapt to only one detection respectively);thirdly the product enjoys a long date stamping and product quality.
  2. With unique apertured designs,we offer our customers various styles.There are many kinds of apertued designs to your liking.
  3. With a pleasant and cool effect ,the consumers can directly feel its outstanding differences.
Type BASIS WEIGHT Three-dimensional thickness OPEN AREA Tensility Break elongation Strike-througth
YXAF-010 g/㎡ um % gf/25mm gf/25mm % % %
22.5 300 30 750 400 300 350 100

Type Antiseptic effect
Colon bacilus Staphylococcus aureus Candida albicans

Remarks:the above data are for your reference.

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