Adult diapers

AD1-type adult diaper

adult disposable diapers
ITEM No. AD-M01 AD-L01
Size M L
850×650mm 920×780mm
Packing 10pcs/pack 10pcs/pack
* Draw in and condense all moisture instantly and sufficiently,preventing from flowing and leakage.
* Fine ventilative property keeps the skin dry and comfortable.
* Panel lets unique adhesive tape refastened as many times as necessary.
* Wetness indicator complies with customers' needs.

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An adult disposable diaper consists of an absorbent pad sandwiched between two sheets of non-woven fabric. The top non-woven sheet is a comfortable shape and helps prevent side leakage, and the pad is specially designed to absorb and retain body fluid. Adult disposable diaper is made through a multi-step process in which the absorbent pad is first vacuum-formed, then attached to a permeable top sheet and impermeable bottom sheet. Elastic fibers are attached to the sheets to gather the edges of the diaper into the proper shape so it fits snugly around legs and crotch. When properly fitted, the adult disposable diaper will retain body fluids, which pass through the permeable top sheet and are absorbed into the pad.

Our adult cotton diaper has many excellences. It has a soft breathable cover with a high speed channel allowing fresh air to circulate through the cover and making your skin dry. In addition, our adult cotton diaper with odor controls helps to reduce unpleasant odor. It can also inhibit the growth of bacteria to help reduce skin irritation remarkably. Therefore, please be reassured to use these products: adult cotton diaper, adult incontinence pants, adult diaper cover, teen diaper, adult disposable diaper, adult incontinence products, adult nappy, adult incontinence diaper, adults diaper pants and so on.

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