Sanitary Napkins

Dry-weave surface flat pad sanitary napkins

flat pad sanitary napkin
Type No. YX-B225W
Spec 225mm
Packing 1ctn×72bags×10pcs
1.Dry-Weave, it is clean and soft to cherish you.
2.Surround to fit your skin closely, to prevent side leakage.
3.Super absorbent polymer increases absorbability, to avoid wet flowing back.
4.Curve dent design to guide the fluid to flow, for equal absorbent.

To our delight, our sanitary products: flat pad sanitary napkins, female sanitary towel, daytime sanitary napkin, Maxi pad, wingless sanitary napkin, disposable sanitary pads, feminine hygiene, night sanitary napkin, Incontinence pads and so on are all healthy, innocuous and efficacious. So it is very ideal to use these green products. Flat pad sanitary napkins have no wings so it can more effectively protect your skin from injuring and scuffing. It can fit your skin closely to prevent side leakage. Our flat pad sanitary napkins have super absorbent material which can avoid wet flowing back. In addition, the curve dent design of our dry-weave sanitary napkins guides the fluid to flow exactly for equal absorption. Our female sanitary towel is so fresh that it may cherish you very well. Therefore, it is also your best choice. Daytime sanitary napkin with anti-leakage concave trace provides better fit for protection. Today you can experience the convenience,cleanness and bacteria-resistance to choose these products:daytime sanitary napkin, Maxi pad, flat pad sanitary napkins, feminine hygiene, night sanitary napkin, female sanitary towel, wingless sanitary napkin, disposable sanitary pads, Incontinence pads and so on. It is not only convenient but also healthy to use them.

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