Adult Underpad

AP-type adult underpads

adult underpads
ITEM No. AP-01 AP-02 AP-03 AP-04 AP-05
40x60cm 60x60cm 90x60cm 150x60cm 180x60cm
Packing 10pcs/pack 10pcs/pack 10pcs/pack 10pcs/pack 10pcs/pack
Usage For incontinence,post-maternity care,after surgery.
* Soft breathable nonwoven top-sheet keeps dry and natural
* Fluff absorber with rhombic embossment assures high absorbency
* Prevents side leakage
* Back-sheet guarantees hygiene and cleanness

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Nowadays,adult underpad is widely used in the world. They are all absorbent pads. The most important property of a diaper or underpad is its ability to absorb and retain moisture. Cotton material used in adult underpad is reasonably absorbent, but synthetic polymers far exceed the capacity of natural fibers. Its absorption capacity is due to the absorbent pad found in the core of the breathable underpad. This underpad has high quality non-woven fabric as top layer to make sure clean and dry feeling. The absorbing layer of adult underpad is composed of fuzz pulp coated by toilet paper and high polymer absorbing resin which can absorb liquid 200 times larger than its volume. Then, the bottom of air flow underpad is high quality flow casting film, never leak. They are with good materials capable of absorbing liquid for many times, so as to provide a closer fit for better protection and helps prevent skin breakdown for patients unable to be turned. Our products: adult underpad, adult nursing pads, disposable underwears, breathable underpad, disposable underpad, disposable nursing pads, absorbent underpad, sanitary underpad, incontinence pads and are other products have passed test and awarded certification.

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