Adult Underpad

BP-type adult underpad

incontinence bed pads
ITEM No. BD-01 BD-02 BD-03
Size S M L
45×55cm 60×55cm 80×55cm
Packing 12pcs/bag 10pcs/bag 8pcs/bag
* Soft breathable non-woven top-sheet keeps dry and natural
* Fluff absorber with rhombic embossment assures high absorbency
* prevents side leakage
* back-sheet guarantees hygiene and clean

Are you looking for some good quality pads for women's special time? We have a selection of pads that is second-to-none just as incontinence bed pads, disposable adult underpads, adult diaper pad, disposable nursing pads, thin nursing pads, incontinent pads, diaper changing pad, absorbent pads and so on.

Incontinence bed pads with super absorbent core pull and lock moisture from skin for long-lasting dryness. The exclusive contour shape is good for a secure comfortable fit and complete discretion. Disposable adult underpads can absorb fluids quickly and provide the user with maximum elasticity. It is healthful for your skin. Adult diaper pad has non-slip adhesive strip which may secure pad in place for confident protection day and night. To our delight, disposable adult underpads are safe to use and can be recycled through strict sterilization.

Our pads-incontinence bed pads, disposable nursing pads, diaper changing pad, thin nursing pads, incontinent pads, adult diaper pad, absorbent pads and disposable adult underpads all pass the exact forming process and meet to the standard. They will add color to your life.

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